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Event: Fuse Festival


Conference: 22 - 24 February 2012

Live Showcases: Fuse East 22 Feb 2012;
Fuse West 23 Feb 2012

Fuse at Fringe: 24 February 2012

Alistair Cranney, Event Director
ph 08 8100 2056

Official Websites:

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Twitter: @Fuse_Festival


fuse festival 2012

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Source: Kate Fabbian, Fuse Festival & Chrissie Vincent Publicity

Fuse Festival is South Australia's preeminent music industry conference and showcase, taking place in February of each year. This article will be regularly updated with Fuse Festival news on the LIVE MUSIC PROGRAM, so watch this space for more announcements coming soon. For conference news, see this separate article >>




breaking news! the great escape winner is....

Updated 13 March 2012

The Killgirls have been invited to perform at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton UK in May 2012, selected to play out of 80 acts that showcased at this year's Fuse Festival in Adelaide.

The Great Escape has been firmly established internationally as the leading event for showcasing new music and has launched the careers of artists like Crystal Castles, The Gossip, The Wombats, The XX and The Temper Trap.

Since the release of their second EP ‘Animal’ in late 2011, they’ve delivered their heavy hitting electro rock sound in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, toured with Dead Letter Circus, played Parklife and will headline ‘The End of the World’ party at Barrio for The Adelaide Festivals’ closing night.

The Killgirls are excited to make the most of UK touring hookups after The Great Escape to play Manchester, Berlin and Sound City Festival in Liverpool, with other cities yet to be announced.

Before heading overseas to showcase to some of the biggest names in the music industry, the band will play a special farewell show in Adelaide, May 4th at Rocket Bar. One not to miss!


fuse live music showcases

Updated: 14 February 2012

Fuse Festival 2012 is once again bringing the best of up and coming musicians nationally to perform at Australia’s longest running music conference. This year Coopers Presents: FUSE East & FUSE West showcases, giving bands across all genres a chance to perform in front of some of Australia’s most highly regarded music industry folk and international delegates over the three-day conference.
FUSE East, Wednesday 22nd takes place in venues across the eastern side of the city and FUSE West, on Thursday 23rd will then see the music community move to the western side of the city taking over more than 10 venues. Coopers Presents: FUSE East & West gigs are open to the public and offer free entry, making it easy and accessible to see some of Australia’s hottest talent.


***See our SPECIAL FEATURED ARTIST article, with details on all our homegrown South Australian bands playing during the showcase - CLICK HERE >>


All bands below.


Coopers FUSE East:

All Year Round (SA)
Jade Monkey | 10-00 pm

Apolarbear (SA)
Arcade Lane | 10-30 pm

Babylon Burning (SA)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 1 | 9-00 pm

Catherine Traicos (NSW)
Arcade Lane | 9-30 pm

Celadore (VIC)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 1 | 11-00 pm

Direct Influence (VIC)
Sugar | 9-30 pm

Eden Mulholland (VIC)
The Exeter | 9-30 pm

Epidemic… Over (QLD)
Jade Monkey | 12-00 am

Horror My Friend (SA)
Crown & Anchor | 9-00 pm

Howl at the Moon (VIC)
Crown & Anchor | 11-00 pm

James Fahy (ACT)
The Exeter | 11-30 pm

Jimmy & The Mirrors (SA)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 2 | 11-30 pm

Jon Mortimer (SA)
The Exeter | 8-30 pm

Kristina Miltiadou (VIC)
Arcade Lane | 8-30 pm

Mayqueen (SA)
Uni Bar | 9-30 pm

Mistress Mondays (VIC)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 2 | 10-30 pm

Mother Mexico (TAS)
Jade Monkey | 11-00 pm

My Echo (VIC)
Uni Bar | 10-30 pm

Penguin Kings (QLD)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 2 | 9-30 pm

Poetikool Justice (SA)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 1 | 10-00 pm

Red Ink (VIC)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 1 | 12-00 am

Ride Into The Sun (SA)
Arcade Lane | 11-30 pm

Sam Buckingham (NSW)
The Exeter | 9-30 pm

Sietta (NT)
Sugar | 11-30 pm

Stomp the Dog
Uni Bar | 8-30 pm

Streetlight Symphony (SA)
Sugar | 10-30 pm

The Battery Kids (VIC)
Uni Bar | 11-30 pm

The Brow Horn Orchestra (WA)
Tuxedo Cat Stage 2 | 12-30 pm

The Rules (SA)
Crown & Anchor | 10-00 pm

The Sun and The Sky
Jade Monkey | 9-pm

Wolves (WA)
Crown & Anchor | 11-00 pm

Coopers FUSE West:

Adam Eaton (VIC)
The Metropolitan | 10-30 pm

Akoustic Odyssey (SA)
Nexus | 8-30 pm

Angel & The Badman (SA)
Higher Ground | 10-30 pm

Archie (SA)
Ed Castle | 9-00 pm

Bec Laughton (QLD)
Higher Ground | 11-30 pm

Blackchords (VIC)
Nexus | 10-30 pm

Dancing Heals (VIC)
Ed Castle | 12-00 am

Daniel Cameron (SA)
The Metropolitan | 9-30 pm

Delia Obst (SA)
Jive | 8-30 pm

Fahrenheit 43 (VIC)
Fowler's Live | 11-30 pm

Gemini Downs (SA)
Nexus | 11-30 pm

Hawkai (SA)
Enigma Stage 1 | 10-00 pm

Hawks of Alba (SA)
Worldsend | 10-00 pm

Irie Knights (SA)
Casablabla | 11-30 pm

Johnny McIntyre (SA)
Higher Ground | 9-30 pm

Jungle City (SA)
Enigma Stage 1 | 9-00 pm

Law of Attraction (WA)
Enigma Stage 1 | 11-00 pm

Like Leaves (SA)
Fowler's Live | 9-30 pm

Lyla (SA)
Fowler's Live | 8-30 pm

Max Savage and The False Idols (SA)
The Grace Emily | 11-00 pm

Mayhem Addition (NSW)
Enigma Stage 2 | 11-30 pm

Messrs (SA)
Ed Castle | 10-00 pm

Michaela Burger (SA)
The Metropolitan | 8-30 pm

Miss Elm (QLD)
Worldsend | 9-00 pm

Miss Little (NSW)
Cuckoo | 9-00 pm

Move To Strike (SA)
Enigma Stage 2 | 12-30 am

Naomi Keyte (SA)
The Grace Emily | 10-00 pm

Oh Me My (SA)
Casablabla | 8-30 pm

Osh10 (VIC)
Cuckoo | 11-00 pm

Patient Little Sister (WA)
The Metropolitan | 11-30 pm

Rainy Day Women (WA)
Worldsend | 11-00 pm

­Roscoe James Irwin (VIC)
Higher Ground | 12-30 am

Saving Savannah (SA)
Enigma Stage 2 | 9-30 pm

Shameem (WA)
Casablabla | 10-30 pm

Split Seconds (WA)
Fowler's Live | 12-30 am

Tales in Space (NSW)
Ed Castle | 11-00 pm

The Beat Co. (SA)
Cuckoo | 10-00 pm

The Belligerents (QLD)
Jive | 10-30 pm

The Guppies (NSW)
Jive | 11:30 pm

The Human Electric (VIC)
Enigma Stage 2 | 10-30 pm

The Killgirls (SA)
Fowler's Live | 10-30 pm

The Lazy’s (NSW)
Worldsend | 12-00 am

The Leitmotif (SA)
Jive | 9-30 pm

The Shiny Brights (SA)
Jive | 12-30 am

The Timbers (SA)
Casablabla | 9-30 pm

Thom Lion (SA)
The Grace Emily | 9-00 pm

Traveller & Fortune (SA)
Higher Ground | 8-30 pm

Winter People (NSW)
Nexus | 9-30 pm

Off the Couch Showcase
Within the Coopers Fuse West showcase, Carclew Youth Arts has hand-picked three of Adelaide’s most promising original artists for a special Off The Couch showcase celebrating the national SLAM (Save Live Australian Music) day campaign. Fuse and Off the Couch are excited to host the South Australian arm of the National SLAM day initiative about drawing awareness to the crucial role that small venues play in cultivating and nurturing a musician’s career.

The Grace Emily
Thom Lion | 9-00 pm
Naomi Keyte | 10-00 pm
Max Savage | 11-00 pm


APRA Presents: fuse @ fringe

For the second year running the main showcase event for the FUSE Festival will coincide with the opening night celebrations of the Adelaide Fringe Festival at Rymill Park on Friday, February 24th

This year presented by APRA, the FUSE @ Fringe stage in Rymill Park will come alive with the diverse sounds of a select line-up of musical acts, featuring a handful of ‘export-ready’ bands from across the country.

Them Swoops (vic)
8-00 pm

Goldbloom (SA)
8-40 pm

Marcus Corowa (QLD)
9-20 pm

The Shaolin Afronauts (SA)
10-00 pm

Es Ist Super (SA)
10-40 pm

Sincerely, Grizzly (SA)
11-20 pm

Glass Towers (NSW)
12-00 am

Mission In Motion (NSW)
12-30 am

For details on the complete list of acts playing at Fuse, check out the official Fuse website:


announcement: unearthed fuse winner

Updated: 2 February 2012

Fuse Festival 2012 will once again be closing with the main showcase on Friday 24th Feburary. This year’s event is proudly being sponsored by APRA and will be coinciding with the opening of The Adelaide Fringe Festival. APRA Presents: Fuse@Fringe plays host to a hand picked line up of export ready Australian acts, this year including Mission In Motion, Glass Towers, Sincerely Grizzly, Es Ist Super, The Shaolin Afronauts, Marcus Corowa & Goldbloom.

Adding to the already impressive line up the Triple J Unearthed team announced this years Unearthed Fuse Winners – Victorian two piece fuzz garage band Them Swoops. Hailing from Melbourne they will get a chance to showcase their blissfully dreamy pop songs.  Them Swoops started out in 2011 as a three piece but drummer Adam had long standing arrangements to leave the country indefinitely, so they are now functioning as a two piece, enlisting some amazing friends to help flesh out the live shows. Working with local producers recording and mixing in underground backyard and warehouse studios, Them Swoops new EP is due for release mid 2012.

For details on the rest of the lineup, see the announcement below.
APRA Fuse @ Fringe
Rymill Park – Bartells Road Adelaide
8pm – 1.00am
$5 entry on the gate


announcement:  apra fuse @ fringe stage

Updated: 25 January 2012

For the second year running the main showcase event for the FUSE Festival will coincide with the opening night celebrations of the Adelaide Fringe Festival at Rymill Park on Friday, February 24th

This year presented by APRA, the FUSE @ Fringe stage in Rymill Park will come alive with the diverse sounds of a select line-up of musical acts, featuring a handful of ‘export-ready’ bands from across the country.
As the sun sets, the Adelaide Fringe parade with a cast of thousands, led by our alternative King and Queen of the Fringe head down the streets of the east end and into the gorgeous surrounds of Rymill Park to a magically lit wonderland of entertainment. As part of opening night celebrations for Fringe festival, The FUSE @ Fringe show in Rymill Park will be an easy $5 at the gate for 5 hours of music.
FUSE @ Fringe showcases the best of Australia’s up and coming acts from 8.00pm till 1.00am, including:
Mission In Motion (NSW)
The Shaolin Afronauts (SA)
Glass Towers (NSW)
Sincerely Grizzly (SA)
Est is Super (SA)
Marcus Corowa (QLD)
Gold Bloom (SA)
Triple J Unearthed Winner (Announced 2 February: Them Swoops (VIC))

In six short months Adelaide post-rock harem Gold Bloom (SA) have carved a niche as one of the city’s most exciting new acts. Marrying backgrounds in folk, prog and dream pop their blend of knotty garage rock and gorgeous female harmonies has enchanted local audiences, provoked howls of glee from Triple J Unearthed and seen the four-piece play an enviable run of shows with Cloud Control, Howling Bells and Leader Cheetah.

Marcus Corowa (QLD) is a singer/songwriter and musician of Aboriginal and South SeaIslander descent from Brisbane. 2010 saw Marcus start to receive wide recognition for his songwriting, being named a finalist in Queensland’s premier songwriting Awards – the Q Song Awards in the Indigenous Category. His stunning voice and songwriting ability is gaining interest across the industry with the recent release of his debut EP ‘The Greater You’.

Forming in mid 2011, Adelaide indie/electronic four piece, Es Ist Super (SA) kicked off with what can only be described as a dream run with their debut live show creating a buzz that quickly lead to them supporting national and international touring bands like Mitzi and Does it Offend You Yeah? With the initial burst of live shows under their belt, theband focused their attention to creating a sound they can call their own, leading to the aptly titled debut single 'Perfect Summer', a exciting sun drenched mix of indie dance and chill-wave. With the release of the single on the horizon along with more great supports lined up (with the likes of NeonIndian, no less) Es Ist Super look set to continue their rise.

Joshua Calligeros, Griffin Farley and Rowan Mount met for the first time when they discovered their mutual appreciation of A Very Gregorian Christmas and hence decided to start a joint musical venture. Donning themselves the moniker Sincerely, Grizzly (SA) in honour of a young brown bear who took his own life amongst the political unrest of the Arab Spring,they relocated to Adelaide to play a brand of what can only be described asliterature rock. Recently the band were hand-picked to support Trail of Dead (US) in Melbourne and after a long silence they are releasing a two-track single ‘21snakes&ladders’ in January 2012 which will see the band as an emerging presence in the Australian music scene.

Sydney band Glass Towers (NSW) have gone from strength to strength since their formation in 2008. The past couple ofyears have seen the band record with ARIA Award winning producer Wayne Connolly, tour with the legendary Neil Finn and shared the stage with Cloud Control, Tame Impala, Children Collide, Hungry Kids of Hungry, The Vaco Era and many more. The band’s brand new single ‘Jumanji’ released Feb 3rd screams of breezy tropical chords, smart snappy guitar interplay and epic soaring choruses and is the first blissful taste of the band’s forthcoming debut album to be released later this year.

The mysterious afro-soul of The Shaolin Afronauts (SA) first echoed across the dance floors of Australia in 2008, heavily inspired by the sounds of 1970’s West Africa, Ethiopia and the pioneering avant-garde jazz artists of the same period. The Shaolin Afronaut’s critically acclaimed debut album, Flight of the Ancients, released in 2011, was nominated for ‘best world music album’ at the 2011 ARIA awards.

Mission in Motion (NSW) are preparing to release their much anticipated debut album “Somewhere Safe” in which the old adage of what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger is reflected in the bands debut. Comprising of front manBrett Islaub, Chris Maguire (guitar & vocals), Kent Griffiths (guitar & vocals), Rohan Welsh (bass) and Lachlan Gray (drums) the quintet havealready established themselves in the Australian musical landscape as one ofthe most promising acts on the EMO scene.



special news: fuse festival to host national slam day

Updated: 7 December 2011

Fuse Festival, South Australia’s biggest independent music conference is excited to host the Adelaide arm of the National SLAM (Save Live Australian Music) day campaign.

On February 23rd, the anniversary of the first and very successful SLAM rally in Melbourne, the country will celebrate National SLAM day. In Adelaide, in association with the Fuse Festival, up to 10 of South Australia’s hottest live music venues will represent National SLAM day by doing what they do best; hosting the hottest unearthed live Australian music acts.

“What we expect to achieve is that on SLAM Day the music loving community will have one day a year where they give time to contemplate what live music means tothem. What we hope to achieve is that with a united community, industry andmedia focus on live music and we create a greater momentum towards enhancing Australia's live music legacy. What we dream of achieving as long term goals is a greater standard of venue with artist and community engagement raised to new levels, better standards of support and conditions for live music artists, and most importantly a raising of public perception of the true value 1- that live music brings to our society and 2- the worth of live music in economic terms so that a more realistic remuneration can be achieved, for the most important people in the scheme of things, the practitioners/ artists.” Quincy McLean  - SLAM

February 23rd 2010, the SLAM rally saw 20,000 people march through Melbourne to the tune of AC/DC’s definitive ‘Long Way to the Top', in protest against the Victorian Government’s misguided policy link between live music and violence. The SLAM rally was the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history. Now all of Australia has the opportunity to participate in a national event that celebrates our local musicians in our small venues.

So, on Thursday 23rd February 2012, support your local artists and venues by getting out and experiencing the spontaneous excitement and intimacy you can only get at a small live music venue.

“Small venues were my university.”- Paul Kelly, SLAM Rally Speech

Taking place from 22-24 February, Fuse Festival is an absolute must for anyone serious about forging a career in the music industry. Held over three days and nights, Fuse provides outstanding networking opportunities within the local and national music industry. More information on Fuse to be announced soon!

Artist registrations for Coopers FUSE East and West close December 16th via Sonicbids