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2011 EP: Mk II

Genre: Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Progressive, Rock

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Reviewed by: Tobias Handke

Published:  18 November 2011


ep: mk II

Heavy alternate rockers Priority Orange’s sophomore EP ‘Mk II’ is a throwback to  early '90s grunge-alternate rock explosion, featuring heavy riffs, double kick drum and vocalist Larry Ash’s volatile voice. While not something I normally have playing in my stereo, I was interested to hear what these guys had to offer.

Mk II is a solid four track EP of heavy rock with an Australian flavour; think Karnivool meets Alice In Chains with a dash of Faith No More and '80s rock. The heavy turned prog-rock opener ‘He’s In The Pub’ has '90s written all over it, especially with the double kick and grinding guitars, but a mini '80s guitar solo mid-song brings out the progressive element of their sound. This is followed by the Black Sabbath echoing ‘The Diode’ and the head banging ‘Cammy’. Final track ‘Not Naming Names’ is a little darker than the rest of the EP, featuring a menacing bass line and more wild guitar solos.

If there is one negative about the EP it’s the lack of originality found in their sound. Priority Orange state that the band was ‘born out of a rebellious necessity in the current dirges of popular music', and while this may be true, they take their cues from a host of bands from the '70s to '90s. While this is not a problem, as all bands pay homage to their musical influences someway in their sound, Priority Orange just don’t have enough new ideas to keep me interested.

While not really my cup of tea, ‘Mk II’ will appeal to fans of alternate rock, and it will be interesting to see where these guys are going with their sound in the future.