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2012 Live Gig

Melodic Metal

Reviewed by Shanelle Franklin

Rating:  3.5/5 stars








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Primevia is a melodic metal band with a female fronted classically trained vocalist that offers a different flavour to the metal genre.  As you would expect, heavy guitar riffs, solid drum beats and strong vocals were ever present with this band. What you don’t expect to hear is Alli, lead vocalist, lifting the music to new heights with her symphonic voice. This style of music has been heard before with the likes of Within Temptation, Epica and Nightwish which all add a refreshing twist to what is considered metal. Primevia is certainly amongst them with their Goth-like doom edge approach.

‘Shot in the Dark’ was an impressive track, however I feel by allowing Alli to be stronger in her vocals it could have taken this song to new heights. Primevia truly came to life during their song ‘Conquest’ when Alli demonstrated her vocal abilities teamed with heavy guitar riffs and solid drums beats, it certainly lifted the bar and was a fire starter of a track sharpened with a chaotic metal edge. The track ‘Souls’ could have been stronger if Alli was the only vocalist in this song, the guitar riffs heard by Jon, Joshua and Robyn were an impressive addition to this track. Lastly ‘Get the Devil’ saw Hussein on keys rise alongside Alli’s vibrant vocal delivery.
Primevia are quite unique in their delivery; although there are hints of musical influences, Primevia pride themselves on being that little bit different. The band's willingness to go out on a musical limb by using Alli’s strong vocals certainly paid off, and they manage to experiment with their guitar riffs which escalate throughout the tracks. Keep experimenting and adding new flavours to metal, you never know - you may entice non-metal fans to engage with the genre.