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Amongst Myselves

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Genre:Electronica, Experimental

Amongst Myselves' inroads to electronic/atmospheric music began when he first heard the works of early electronic groups like Tangerine Dream eg. "Atem" and "Alpha Centauri".

During the 90's he became more aware of neu-Ambient with the likes of Future Sound of London, Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Aphex Twin, not to mention a new interest in the Eno's (Brian and Roger). So, with the help of advances in computer-based synths he took a great interest in the ambient.

Amongst Myselves released the new-age styled album "The Sun In The Bottle" in 1999. This was followed by the more ambient like "Still Life" in 2001 with "Ultima Thule" radio choosing to use the track "Ship of Dreams" as their new theme music.

A journey influenced by fifteenth century religious persecution, astrophysics, the desolation of a sleeping city at 5am and the classic Martin Denny piece "Quiet Village" were the inspirations for Amongst Myselves' third album "Sacred Black". Amongst Myselves moved to England during the making of "Auburn Silhouette" which was released in 2007. "To me this album is about light and the sky. I like the chaos that rules these natural elements and that humanity has no rule over them. The weather is another inspirational element within Auburn Silhouette. The weather controls people's moods. I like to think that all the tracks on the album are like different weather patterns." said Roberts.

His music has appeared on several compilations including AquaFM's " 01", " 02" and Ultima Thule's "Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient - Volume 01" alongside Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story and Numina, and Ultimae Frontier's "Lost sampler no.11". Other appearances include "He Who Bathes in the Black Sun" for the Dark Duck Download Project, the electro-acoustic piece "Humbert-de-Romans" to EuCuE Concert Series XXVII of electro-accoustic concerts and field recordings for sound artist, Roger Mills' project "Idea of South", an sound installation at the Loop Gallery in Newcastle.

In the southern summer of 2010 Amongst Myselves released "Fragments". A very ambient remix of his previous three albums, "Still Life", "Sacred Black" and "Auburn Silhouette". As Chuck Van Zyl puts it "The results range from sustaining lines of sound and minimal electronic modulations to rich arrangements of considerable complexity. While proudly synthetic, Fragments (as all music by Amongst Myselves) offsets any hint of its machine origins with a consonant warmth corresponding with a more reflective human mood." Fragments went on to be nominated for "Best Electronic" and "Best Ambient" album for 2010 in the annual Zone Music awards.

Amongst Myselves 2012 release "Ambient, Landscape and Space" is the culmination of 4 years of work in both visual and audio areas which has resulted in an hour long musical and visual feast containing remixed and new performances of new and old tracks alongside time-lapse and 3d visuals created by Roberts and artist, musician and friend Bernard Haseloff. Released on March 6th 2012 and available directly from the Amongst Myselves web site, CD Baby and its affiliates.