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Gurdy Girl Biography

Gurdy Girl

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Genre:Acoustic, Alternative, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, Medieval

Mixed amid the lines of my own compositions are hints of my musical up-bringing. Elements of Gregorian chant, Hildegard von Bingen and even Pink Floyd and Lisa Gerrard can be found in my music.

Starting with violin and viola, I have grown into an internationally highly regarded world/folk musician.  With a special focus on hurdy gurdy and nyckelharpa I have developed a love and speciality with European folk and contemporary music.

My first festival performance was at Woodford in 2006 (aged 17) and I performed at the National Folk Festival in 2008 and 2009.

In 2008 a South Australian Youth Arts Board grant took me to Austria to study hurdy gurdy intensively.

2009 saw me spending much of the year in Europe, performing at festivals in England, France, Italy, Germany and Sweden.  I am the first Australian to enrol in the three year long European Nyckelharpa Training in Germany.

In 2008 I released my first album, “The Organ Grinder”, to excellent reviews.  This was effectively a solo album, almost completely composed by me.  It was largely recorded at live performances and set out to demonstrate my versatility and that of my instruments.  Following successful concerts in Cygnet (Tasmania) and Adelaide with Danny Spooner, “With Friends” was released in 2009 and further showcases my ability to work with a supporting ensemble.

As well as continuing my solo work, 2011 sees me working with a folk ensemble in Hobart and organising a hurdy gurdy get together, and concerts, in Melbourne.

  • November 2009
  • December 2009
  • February 2010
  • March 2010
    • 14th Adelaide Fringe Festival, Tribal Fibres, Hahndorf Institute, South Australia, Australia.