Name Rich Coldwell


16 Oct, Wheatsheaf, CD Launch

SUN THEORY Biography


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SUN THEORY (formerly COW) is a collective of passionate and talented musicians brought together with the sole purpose of creating heartfelt, vibrant and honest songs. This is reflected in the memorable musical experience and soulful performance SUN THEORY will bring to a show every time. 

The five-piece band features the two-guitar attack of Anthony Scott and Rich Coldwell augmented with keyboards of Glyn Lehmann and a crack rhythm section in bassist Michael Boundy and drummer Sam Carpenter. SUN THEORY brought their common experiences and chemistry as working musicians to these songs. Rich’s mixture of clever wordplay, sharp imagery and deep sentiment, married to melodies that stick and backed up with strong arrangements, finds a straightforward and kinetic voice in this recording and band.

SUN THEORY fuses the simplicity and honesty of folk and roots music with the bracing fury of alternative rock and this music hybrid style accentuates the power of these musical forms. SUN THEORY has the ability to be scorching and searing, sweet and aching and could blast, blaze and blow the roof off of a room, then turn around and be quietly acoustic, having you weep into your beer.

The band’s songs are meditations on the human condition and the twists ans turns of everyday life. SUN THEORY offers a collection of intelligent and heartfelt songs full of integrity and honesty to every performance that somehow reminds the heart of its old friends. SUN THEORY's material has a comfortable, timeless feel yet still challenges the listener.

SUN THEORY have been described by music press as a 'stylish, seamlessly melded group of very skilled players' with the self titled debut disc described as having an 'overall blend' being 'near perfect'. SUN THEORY's songs are described as ‘capturing a rootsy, Americana-folk cosmos better than many born to it' (see full review at

SUN THEORY (formerly 'COW') Sunday 16th Oct at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 4pm (free)