About Ash Emile

After picking up a six string at fourteen years of age, it was soon apparent to me that this was an instrument of fascination and vast expression. I vividly remember watching live musicians at a young impressionable age, being blown away by what I had just seen, and have had a love for the instrument and music, ever since. My love for the guitar, and trade background also led to working with some of Adelaide's top guitar luthiers, restoring, and refinishing new and vintage guitars. I have also finished and customised my personal guitars over the years. My musical journey has led me through such experiences as cofounding a hard rock cover band, spanning almost a decade playing Adelaide’s pub scene, as well as some great parties, corporate and community events. There has been original punk rock band Tidal Jive; original soft rock band Way Street, where an EP was recorded; Ember Rush which was started with some great mates and created some fantastic original rock music, resulting in an EP; moving onto Voodoo Tattoo which further expanded my songwriting and collaboration skills; and currently my projects are rock band Urban Shadow, in progress of recording debut EP, plus a performing acoustic duo Velvet Blue which has resulted in some fantastic original songs and an appreciation for a more stripped back style of music. I have set up a modest home studio, and undertaking some of the recording, mixing and mastering for the bands I am involved with, I have continued to pursue my own solo, instrumental guitar based music. Through this process, I have been fortunate to have collaborated with talented UK based artists, which has furthered my songwriting and musical journey. I enjoy the continual learning process of collaboration, as well as pursuing my solo music.