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surviving sharks lp

oculus magnus

Before even listening to Surviving Sharks music, I was interested in their album name Oculus Magnus, So I did a quick internet search to find it’s meaning. As far as I could establish, it means, “a great round or eye like opening” so there ya go. Lets move onto the sound shell […]

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iiah ep

self titled

iiah have been kicking around the traps of Adelaide for a couple of years now and this is the first time I have come across them. I hit play on their self-titled EP, not sure what to expect. This genre of music – post progressive ambient rock – can take you anywhere, but I […]

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bad//dreems single

hiding to nothing
Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems have released single “Hiding To Nothing”, taken from their upcoming album Dogs At Bay. You could compare this single to fishing, in that you’re the fish, and you’re definitely going to get hooked and reeled in.

Once again, the Adelaide boys deliver the sonic goods with their unique sound and fantastic […]

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oisima lp

nicaragua nights
Why beat around the bush? I’m just going to say it up front: Nicaragua Nights is amazing. It’s sonic art at its finest. The audio textures work in harmony and the songs are very well constructed. Production is 100% and I expect no less from Oisima, as the guy is a sound visionary. He […]

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boston april single

Boston April was set up by Kelly Breuer and Alicia Hettner, who sing very well together. The harmonies are awesome and are complemented by acoustic guitar.

‘Time’ is stripped back and easy to listen to. I have seen a lot of artists in my time who have got caught in the trap of using too many […]

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felatio hornblower single

no more
Imagine sitting in a 1950s cocktail bar sipping on a martini with live lounge music coming from a small stage. Beyond the haze of cigarette smoke, band members are dressed in full period attire. That’s what I picture when I listen to Felatio Hornblower’s debut single ”No More”, taken from their upcoming album Bonhomie. […]

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big daddy’s discotheque lp

welcome to las vegas

Listening to Big Daddy’s Discotheque’s new album took me back in time to the 1980s, an era this band is clearly influenced by, and to be honest, it was a refreshing change to hear a different musical style instead of today’s electronic sounds.

The combination of instruments and synth works pretty well. My […]

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strange new folk ep

self titled

If you’re a lover of Folk/Jazz music, then you’ve just got to check out these guys.

Strange New Folk are a 4-piece outfit consisting of keys, guitar, bass, and drums, and the first thing I noticed while listening to this EP was the way these guys gel together as musicians.

They create a tight sound, and […]

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louis donnarumma ep

hint of light

One of the great things about being a reviewer is discovering new talent, and when I listened to this EP, I was in for quite the pleasant surprise.

Move over John Butler Trio, Louis Donnarumma is here!

Louis is a solo artist specialising in the Folk, and wow…just wow! This guy has a gift when […]

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leser 1 ep

get that

So do you like the Prodigy? Yes? Well what if I told you that we have our very own equivalent right here in Adelaide? It’s true. Say hello to Leser 1! This guy pushes the industrial / big beat sound to whole new horizons, and uses samples, and his synth skills to a high […]

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