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black coral ep

big nothing

The latest from post-punk outfit Black Coral is consistent and cohesive; the songs on Big Nothing share mostly similar grooves, complimentary instrument tones, and fuzzed out vocals that are obscured to the point that words often fall prey to texture. The impression given is of a band that has found its sound and is settling […]

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west thebarton brothel party ep

self titled


West Thebarton Brothel Party’s new self-titled EP is raw, loose, energetic fun. This is a no-frills rock ’n’ roll record that you can turn up and forget the world. The songs are unapologetically NSFW and sound like they’d pair nicely with lots of whatever you’re drinking.

One of the first things you notice about this […]

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tom west lp

oncoming clouds
Clocking in at a brisk 26 minutes, Tom West’s Oncoming Clouds blow through and disperse before you know it, but the comparatively brief time spent in their shadow brings with it a shower of riches that cleanses the spirit and invigorates the heart.

This is a folk album writ large across the sky. Tom West’s […]

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full tote odds lp

the chosen few
Full Tote Odds’ sophomore album begins with an intro that serves as a love letter to hip-hop, collecting samples from Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more, but the love doesn’t stop there.  It’s the through line of the record, with classic soul samples crossing big beats and added brass while MC’s […]

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kaurna cronin lp

glass fool


The debut album from roots singer-songwriter Kaurna Cronin announces itself with the sharp shuffle of, ‘Inside Your Town Is Inside Your Head,’ a flawless pop confection that bounces along with an airy harmony and trumpet-bolstered chorus. This album sounds like an appropriate soundtrack to a unicorn ride down a rainbow into a land of […]

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rule of thirds lp

rule of thirds

Adelaide sextet Rule of Thirds has delivered an album of assuredly gloomy post-punk that defies deconstruction with its unified sonic palette and effortlessly entrancing songs. The hypnotic dirge of opener, ‘Any War’, with its ambiguous relationship-as-war metaphor, gradually transports the listener to a suitably detached state in which to embrace the dark delights […]

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paper arms lp

great mistakes


Adelaide rockers Paper Arms have emerged from the studio with their third album and it’s a heartfelt monster that combines aggression with big-time songwriting and production.

These 13 tracks are lean and focused, with only one clocking in at over four minutes, and not by much.

Opener ‘Dedication’ sets the tone with its jagged guitars, visceral […]

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the funkoars single

below average
The Funkoars have returned with an anthem for the disappointing, complete with sharp lyrical delivery and a sing-along chorus that proudly declares, “I am a f*ck-up, I am a letdown, I’m below average.”This is a direct track comprised of a four-beat loop, a descending melody, a straight beat, some rhymes, and an irresistible chorus […]

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luke marshall single

heart & soul
The beautiful thing about folk music is that when it’s done right, it can cast a spell with the sparsest of ingredients…a fingerpicked guitar, a comforting voice or two, maybe a harmonica swell here and there, and you can pave a reliable road right into the listener’s soul.Such is the case here. Luke […]

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we do this ep

fault lines
We Do This have crafted an entrancing three-track EP that hovers in a space between synthpop and indie rock, creating a melancholy sound that’s still catchy and danceable. Live instruments are interwoven seamlessly with programmed beats and synths, building a soundscape for John De Michele’s longing vocals.

Especially impressive is the opener and single, ‘I’m […]

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readymades ep

all f’d up
The ReadyMades have returned with a three-song EP of fun, danceable indie-punk-pop that’ll put a spring in your step and provide a ten-minute respite from your worldly cares.

Guitarist/vocalist Kate delivers solid howls that do her punk rock forebears proud, while Sam and Tina provide the backbone on bass and drums respectively.

First up is […]

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skythief single

the whole half
Skythief’s new single is a frequently spectacular headphone odyssey: densely-composed, impeccably performed and immaculately produced.

‘The Whole Half’ sounds like if some of the more psychedelically-inclined mope-rock bands of fading recent memory had spent less time drinking and more time perfecting their craft, and then just cranked out an irresistible jam.

Vocalist Adam Barnett-Pierce takes […]

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hyrs single

inside upside down
This debut single from Holly Younger and Ross Simpson, aka Hyrs, is an indie pop gem.Reverbed guitar arpeggios and syncopated toms revolve around Younger’s perfectly breathy and detached vocal delivery, and the result is nothing short of transcendent.

While the lyrics are ambiguous, they evoke the feeling of falling in love, and they correspond […]

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elapsed time ep

squatters quarters
Adelaide Producer/MC Elapsed Time (aka Lachlan Scott Emes) has returned with this, his third EP, and it’s a triumph from start-to-finish; an action-packed one-man show that does it all with memorable rhymes, beats, and hooks.

This is textbook hip-hop, communicating its point of view with vivid storytelling, humour, and style.  You can’t help but bob, […]

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benny c & the associates lp

red dress
The debut album from Benny C & the Associates offers an impressive platter of blues, funk, and jazz, but its sonic achievements can’t overcome underwritten songs.Technically speaking, the music is faultless, with sharp performances and a polished mix courtesy of Nashville’s Andrija Tokic. Red Dress showcases fantastic instrumental work from start to finish.

Three distinct […]

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gorilla jones lp

third in the first world
The debut album from Gorilla Jones is energetic, danceable, and irresistibly fun.  Combining soul, funk, rock, lounge, and more, this ensemble comes to party and won’t leave until your feet are sore and your spirit is replenished.

Musicianship is the key here, with all seven members and a special guest distinguishing themselves […]

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jungle city lp

jungle city ii

“I think I might kill myself today just to see what happens next.” So begins Jungle City II, and while they probably won’t be providing the backing track for any Beyond Blue advertisements anytime soon, Jungle City have self-produced a fine-sounding slab of unapologetic hard rock.

“I wanna smoke inside…I wanna piss in the […]

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buffalo boyfriend ep

in colour


Featuring memorable songs, engaging performances, and perfect production, this E.P. from folk pop duo Buffalo Boyfriend arrives with a seasoned and fully-developed sound, uncommon for a debut release.

Their soulful voices complimenting each other whether in harmony or alternate leads, Alana Jagt and Rachel Beinke amble their way through these four tracks bringing a fresh […]

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