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california cousin ep

be the revolution

This is a strong record, well written and recorded and in their own words “jammed packed with big guitars, loud drums and soulful singing.”

Stephanie Ann has voice that sounds like it should be on the radio –  FM Country-Pop-Rock radio that plays Pat Benatar, Shania Twain and Alanis Morissette. This is Middle-American, MOR, […]

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luke carlino single

making maps ft. joel braithwaite
I know Luke Carlino as a live solo performer who combines a sweet soulful voice with acoustic guitar and imaginative use of loop pedals to produce sparse but eloquent tunes. ‘Making Maps’ takes these ingredients and ups the ante.

Immediately bringing to mind Amnesiac era Radiohead and Think-tank by Blur (with an […]

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juno single


Opening with the cathedral ambience of Fleet Foxes, this song by Juno drew me in with its simple arrangement of voices, finger picked guitar and sparse percussion. The narrative of a broken heart told in two voices is reminiscent of the Indigo Girls – clear harmonies and use of counterpoint (one voice singing the song […]

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world wild ep

caribbean gold
There is a lot to like here, especially if you like your dreams electric.

Rolling bass, walls of synth pads, electric hand-claps, TR-808 beats, oscillators arpeggiators and big choruses – this is the sound of 1983 synth-pop; Duran Duran, Human League, Howard Jones, maybe even Dépêche Mode (when they were fun), Tears for Fears, Pet […]

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blush response single

your room
Released on the upcoming compilation ‘Oz Do It Better, Volume 2’ by the antipodes-appreciating French label Beko Disques, this song by Blush Response is like a time machine ride back to 1989.

Breathy vocals drenched in reverb, guitars chiming and then fuzzy and the bass driving – simple but melodic. I listened to it over and […]

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fergus maximus ep

songs and stories
On the 6 song EP ‘Songs And Stories’ Fergus Maximus has delivered a set that can probably best be described as charming. Recorded live at the Austral it is a raw and honest account of his song-writing. It also includes between-song banter which provides context for each song – hence the title ‘Songs […]

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west thebarton brothel party single

West Thebarton Brothel Party describe themselves as a “7-Piece Garage Rock Hydra” producing “Jangly Fuzzy Garage Rock” and they are.What this description doesn’t convey is the glorious raggedness of the voice of Ray Dalfsen or the untamed hookiness of the music – that wild mercury sound.

And it sounds Australian. It’s jangly like The Sunnyboys, fuzzy […]

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overview effect ep

With five songs over 40 minutes this was a long and daunting ride from Overview Effect. I was confused. I loved it. I was dismayed. I was ambivalent. I loved it again. And then…

Duration was a concern during the first track (Untitled) as it consisted of a sound-scape rather than a song. The hissing effects […]

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the dunes single

when you wake up
I loved this record the same way I love good food – I may have tasted it before but if the recipe is good, the ingredients authentic and the cook is talented then it is very satisfying.It is impossible to review this song without mentioning My Bloody Valentine. All the ingredients are […]

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raygun ep

the future was yesterday
The title of this release seems to be a statement of intent and there is a lot to like about the intentions of Adelaide band, Raygun. They are immediate without being disposable; they reference a bygone era without being trite.

On first listen I could hear the gloomier side of 80s English electronic […]

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christian andrew single

november rain
Imagine a world in which sincerity is the new cynicism – where it is clichéd to be knowingly cool. Where it is original to be earnest and good. Christian Andrew could well provide the soundtrack to that world.

Chances are you will see Christian Andrew before you hear him. If you do then the music […]

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