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loren kate ep

til night meets the sun

It might just be me, but listening to this Loren Kate EP I couldn’t help getting a sense of eavesdropping, as if I was hearing a very honest conversation about feelings, family histories, love and death – and wondering if I really should be party to this level of personal detail.  […]

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joseph moore ep

bye ole heart

It’s pleasing to know it’s still possible to simply grab an acoustic guitar, maybe add one friend for a few extra instruments that don’t overpower the main event, and come up with a collection of songs that manage to sound not only original, but honest and endearing at the same time. For that […]

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scala lp

brighter than the sun

23 albums from SCALA in 25 years is a remarkable tally by itself; made more impressive by the fact they’re all compilations of various Adelaide singer songwriters and composers. Right there is an indication of how much talent there is to be found in these parts, and also how much of it […]

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goldstein lp

playing dog

Considering this is Goldstein’s fifth album (already!), it’s no surprise they have developed their own sound, with very Australian themes and delivery and entertaining, relatable vignettes in the lyrics. However, with a slight line-up change, involving Robin Pratt moving from bass to lead guitar and his ex-role taken by newcomer Paul Kolomitsev, the expansion […]

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koral & the goodbye horses ep



There is a lot to be said for this debut EP by Koral & The Goodbye Horses, and all of it is good. Very good, in fact. This applies to not just the music itself, but the thought that has been applied to its presentation, down to the way the tracks flow into each other, by […]

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kylie brice trio single

journey to myself
I’m not sure if this is the first recording for Adelaide singer songwriter Kylie Brice, or just the first that has come my way.  Regardless, what we have is a folk pop, or perhaps acoustic pop, song which has several positive characteristics.  Not least being its combination of lyrical intelligence with a tune […]

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thom lion ep

It’s probably unnecessary to say, but there is a lot of excellent music currently being made locally under the general umbrella of folk rock / singer-songwriter et al.  Anyone who has heard the work of Thom Lion & The Tamers will be equally unsurprised by the fact that their contribution is as good an example […]

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sun theory lp

fine dust
They used to be Cow but are now Sun Theory. Whatever the name or line-up, their third CD together shows that the band knows how to construct roots-rock of a professional and enjoyable standard, and are also well adept at the songwriter’s art. Roots-rock is still a very general term of course, and in […]

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peter tilbrook lp

living in the sixties
The ‘middle period’ of classic Adelaide band the Masters Apprentices was around 1967, with hits like “Elevator Driver” and a line-up that included guitarist Peter Tilbrook. After a few years service he moved on to other projects, and nowadays works consistently with The Party Cats and The Twilight Zone, the latter featuring […]

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