About ShaneSteer

Shane Steer is a songwriter of a few intertwining genres, these being acoustic folk and what may be considered as progressive rock. Originally starting his music career and gig performances in the early nineties as a 17 year old thrash metal guitarist in both Dilemma and Oxygen, Shane has played in many different bands over the years including Jigga, The Australian Kiss Show as Ace and Raging Wireless. After deciding to move away from the rock scene as guitarist, singer/songwriter of Raging Wireless due to the death of childhood friend and bass player Jeremy, Shane would record an acoustic guitar based album by the name of Interlusion in 2010. Since then he has released numerous single's of both subtle acoustic and heavy rock songs including Mexicano Gun, Raw Medication, Breathing, What is True and Don't Turn Away, which can all be heard on shanesteer.com and YouTube.