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sunny sizer lp

cold shadow


Sunny Sizer appears to be a very honest musician – seriously, go read her comprehensive biography on her website and you’ll be sure to agree. Much like her tell-all musical journey, her music highlights her transparent musical nature through easy-to-read lyrics and instrumentation that deliberately takes significant influence from commercial female pop-rock artists.

Once you […]

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orelia ep

an imaginary life
Orelia are a fantastic two piece with piano and delightful vocals at their core, underlay by solid, dynamic drum work. The duo have been cruising around the Adelaide scene, playing – quite suitably, given their Dresden Dolls vibe they output – at cabaret and burlesque shows around South Australia. They’ve just released their […]

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horror my friend single

stay in
Grunge, alternative, hardcore, indie, rock. Whatever you want to call it, Horror My Friend are doing it right. The trio appear to be the go-to poster band which Adelaide music lovers reach for when bragging about our best acts – and for good reason, too. I mean, they score national airplay for just about […]

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bianca jane single

forever’s just a word
Bianca Jane’s ‘Forever’s Just A Word’ endearingly starts with something reminiscent of an Atari video game sound track before kicking into the real deal riffs – and, my Lord, are there riffs. The track almost sounds like hair metal straight up but settles into something along the lines of super slick and […]

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reign ep

There is an absolutely wonderful aura that surrounds REIGN, in that they’re just so easy to love. Whether you’re a metal/hard rock lover or hater, I’ve got a pretty good feeling you’ll find a soft spot for the five piece quite easily.

They’ve just released their EP Reign, which is a perfect showcase for both the […]

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trent worley + kylie brice + charlie monsoon + sean kemp


Acoustic artist Trent Worley is releasing his new CD Warts’n’All at the Crown & Sceptre this Friday night, and he’s bringing along a fantastic lineup to this ripper performance. Joining Worley will be singer/songwriters Sean Kemp and Kylie Brice to kick off the night, and rock legends Charlie Monsoon to  be the fantastic finishing act. Doors at 7pm, […]

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best gigs 30 july – 5 august 2015



Trent Worley launches his album at the Crown & Sceptre, Horror My Friend kick off their single, and The Dunes finish up their Grace Emily residency.

Thursday July 30

Crown & Anchor – Electric Sex Pants + The Pro Tools + Denni Proctor
*Producer’s Bar –  Cactus presents: Ben Leece, Mick Ferfoglia + more
Exeter – Anthony Wignall + Louis + Heymus
Metropolitan Hotel […]

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paige renee court

It’s always nice to see when a fantastic artist really stands out from the crowd. Paige Renee Court, a solo folk/indie singer songwriter, has been playing the local music game for the last few years, where she’s played at variety shows, acoustic nights, and alongside indie greats such as Louis Donnarumma, and Karise Eden.

It seems […]

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west thebarton brothel party – “misophonia”

West Thebarton Brothel Party are on fire right now. Since the supergroup have formed, they’ve supported greats such as Wavves, and have released some killer singles.

The rockers have released a music video for their recent single ‘Misophonia’, and it’s awesome. The clip showcases their whole “maaaayte”styled Aussie rock with dusty scenes and garage rock (literally, they’re playing […]

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the shaolin afronauts

Live In Australia
July 2015

Thursday July 23 – The Exeter, Adelaide

Friday July 24 – Boney, Melbourne

Saturday July 25 – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

Sunday July 26 – Splendour In The Grass, Byron Bay

more details >

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tired lion + glass skies + tomorrow rising @ the crown & anchor


Tired Lion are hitting Adelaide shores, and bringing Glass Skies and Tomorrow Rising with them!

This show’s going to be a huge celebration of everything rock’n’roll from all fronts, with Glass Skies covering the pedal-driven mosh, Tomorrow Rising taking care of the singalongs, and Tired Lion filling in everything in between.

Sunday 26 July at the Crown […]

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horror my friend – “stay in”

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best gigs 23 july – 29 july 2015

Futuresounds Adelaide debut their monthly showcase at Supermild, Tired Lion share the stage with Glass Skies and Tomorrow Rising, and The Shaolin Afronauts party at the Exeter before they jet off to Splendour.

Thursday July 23

Crown & Anchor – The Monikers + Wright Street + Space Junk + Chasing Claire
Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby House Band
Producer’s Bar – Cactus presents
*Exeter – The […]

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tracy chen single

There’s been a pretty big rise in bedroom artists over the last five years, with recording equipment easier to obtain, and huge acts such as Flume and Baths influencing left-field production work. With this movement, there are some hidden treasures buried among the ever-growing Soundcloud library, and newcomer Tracy Chen has certainly given the world […]

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rapid transport ep

in transit
If Rapid Transport were a food, they would be a fast-food beef patty. That is, they have potential to be very appealing to the right person – but to a layperson, nothing really stands out. Bands such as Rapid Transport sort of exist to appeal to a certain scene, setting themselves up to invoke […]

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luke million single

fear the night ft. jesse davidson
As soon as this track kicks in, you can instantly identify the trademark production style of Luke Million. His sound reminds me of the awesome 80s and early 90s, the time where people really started to experiment strongly with electronic instruments in-between watching He-man on TV. Luke is a Synth […]

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trent worley lp

Trent Worley has a knack for a tune and a chorus. This is a solid set of songs entrenched in a tradition of Aussie rock that might be described as rootsy pub-rock. The arrangements give evidence to Trent’s roots leanings with lap-steel combining with acoustic guitar to provide an alt-country feel reminiscent of  Karma County […]

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party party part-b @ the crown & anchor


Party Party Part-B is back, and arguably bigger than ever. Boasting more acts you can shake a stick at, such as Grenadiers, Horror My Friend, Ceres, Stranger Things Have Happened, and many more. The show is absolutely packed full of rock legends, perfect if you’re into moshing, or some sweet guitar riffs.

If you’re looking for a place to […]

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best gigs 16 july – 22 july 2015

Party Party Part-B is back to blow the socks off of the Crown & Anchor, Nosaj Thing comes to town, bringing Oscilla to the stage with him, and The Wheatsheaf brings a huge Cardwell family reunion.

Thursday July 16

Hotel Metro – Electric Badger + Fell To Earth + Ras Christophe
Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby House Band
Producer’s Bar – Cactus presents: Joseph […]

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kaurna cronin


He’s the man on everybody’s lips. You may know Kaurna Cronin from his performances as a wonderful folk-solo artist who’s got a little bit of acts such as Ryan Adams, and Neil Young in his music.

Cronin has just released his acclaimed album Glass Fool, which we’ve given a very handsome four and a half stars to […]

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red light sound – “latitudes”

Red Light Sound have released a film clip for their incredibly passionate, guitar-driven song ‘Latitudes’. The accompanying music video is just as – if not more – dynamic, passing between the band’s appearances in a breathtaking forest and incredibly appealing scenic shots of oceans and mountains.

The quality of everything showcased in this video is astounding, and shows that the Red Light […]

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best gigs 09 july – 15 july 2015

Ancient World returns with a hefty lineup, and the next edition of Sidechain sets the tone at Producer’s. You’d also be mad to miss Luke Millions on the decks of the Ex.
Thursday July 9

Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby House Band
Ancient World – Holy Serpent + Crypt + Tombsealer + Cobra
Grace Emily – Naomi Keyte + Loni […]

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slick arnold @ the crown & anchor

This Thursday at the Crown & Anchor, Slick Arnold’s performance is not to be missed. The three boys have been killing it over the years, and bringing acts such as Blue Mountain Haze, The Steadfast Arms, and DRUID FLUID makes it all the sweeter.

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mackenzie ep

growing pains


It’s so lovely to listen to musicians who are talented in the purest form. Nothing is more of a delight to the ears than a song that flows perfectly well from start to finish. Lucky for us, Mackenzie’s Growing Pains is plentiful of these types of tracks.

The band are a piano driven indie […]

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best gigs 02 july – 08 july 2015

Thursday July 2

Crown & Anchor – Baltimore Poet + Across The Atlas + Colibrium + Luke Carlino
Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby House Band
Hotel Metro – The Dopamine Game + Throwing Flowers + Peter Dixon
*Exeter – Honor Davey + Ellen Ferguson + Bridget Fahey


Friday July 3

Casablabla – Soul Macumbia
Exeter – Wolfpanther + Prolapse Party + Dan Varricchio
Grace Emily – The Dunes + Ali E
Wheatsheaf – The Hushes
Ancient World – Geometrics #6
Hotel Metro – Blien Vesne + […]

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hurricanes @ the wheatsheaf

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Dialect’s probably someone you’ve heard preceding another artist ‘Despair’ – both artist are part of a seemingly unstoppable hip-hop duo who turns heads wherever they perform. For now, though, Dialect’s in the spotlight for a very special reason. The rapper’s debut album Rugged Uncut Project has just been released on vinyl, with a special edition blue-coloured […]

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caper – “this is our game”

Caper is back with a fantastic new film clip for his track ‘This Is Our Game’. If you’re into passion-driven hip hop that tells it like it is, it’s definitely recommended to treat yourself to what the Adelaide-based wordsmith has given us this time around.

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urtekk ep



Adelaide is full of unique music, and quartet Urtekk are living proof of this. They’ve been kicking around our city for a while, playing big shows such as WOMADelaide, PilotFest and Blenheim music festival, as well as just generally turning heads with their inimitable style of dancefloor-oriented live-electro jams.

The guys have released DM-3, a three […]

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skies single

call for my heart


SKIES were born incredible, I swear. Since the three piece threw themselves head-first into Adelaide’s music scene, they’ve opened for SAFIA, George Maple, and so many more amazing electronic acts.

They’ve since released “Call For My Heart”, their first single off of their four-track debut EP, and it is marvelous. The electric drums […]

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conchillia @ the ‘sceptre

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best gigs 25 june – 1 july 2015

Here’s what live music you should see this week in South Australia.

(*our top picks)

Thursday June 25

Crown & Anchor – Dudhoney + The Violet Crams + Chasing Claire
Exeter – Sonatine + Voicerom + Reststrahlen Band
Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby House Band
Enigma Bar – Hand Of Mercy + Prepared Like A Bride
*Governor Hindmarsh – Cosmic Psychos + […]

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Live In Australia
June 2015 – July 2015

“Nicaragua Nights” Tour

Friday June 26 – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (late night club set)

Saturday June 27 – Hugs n Kisses, Melbourne

Thursday July 9 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Friday July 10 – Flyrite Bar, Perth

Saturday July 11 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide

more details >

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timberwolf – “fallen sun”

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mio single

back to you


Mio is Adelaide’s answer to the best dream pop you’ve never heard of.  The duo, comprising of beatmaker (and all-around godlike musician) Mario Spate, and the elusive Annie, make incredibly crisp and addictive electronica. Luckily for us, their new single ‘Back To You’ (featuring Erik Lindestad) is no exception.

The track features that really […]

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mischief the cat ep

hanabi / starcrossing

There’s a fantastic quote that reads “music is useless unless it can make a complete stranger break down and cry” – a statement which I’ve never felt comfortable to link a music release, until now. Mischief The Cat are an underground hard rock group who pay serious homage to Japanese culture and music. […]

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tim whitt lp

heartaches & drum breaks
Time and talent are two huge aspects of creating fantastic music. Luckily for us, Tim Whitt (aka DJ Bottlerockets) has a whole lot of both. The renowned deck spinner (and self-proclaimed serial procrastinator) has just put out his first release in over ten years, and it’s going to get you grooving.There’s a […]

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adrian lp

To say that Adrian Holmes, better known simply as Adrian, is prolific would be undermining his contribution to music. The musician has studied at the conservatorium, is a singing teacher, and is now a fully-fledged recording artist with the release of his recent album ‘dots.’.This release features more musicians than in your average football team, […]

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squeaker lp

in love / in madness

Adelaide’s answer to punishing but heartfelt rock and roll is undoubtedly Squeaker. The four piece band have been churning out guitar riffs and admirable vocals around Australia for the last seven years, and – as it seems – within every passing year, they’ve become more creative, tight, and generally brilliant.In Love/In […]

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nakatomi single


Electronica masters Nakatomi are on fire right now. The artists are new on the scene, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting Fresh 92.7 airplay, headlining Futuresounds Adelaide’s Sidechain showcase, and achieving serious attention nationwide.

The duo haven’t been shy to get some incredible producers on their side, such as Adelaide’s BadCop (who produced Tkay Maidza’s […]

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