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koolta lp

hanabi / starcrossing
You may have heard the name Koolta around town. The established MC has grabbed slots from leading national festivals, played at the Clipsal 500, and has gained reputation around town for being a solid asset to Aussie hip hop.The Adelaide heavyweight has unleashed a long-awaited album RPM, a jam-packed release containing fourteen varied […]

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zeequil lp

It’s so wonderful to see Adelaide electronic artists continuously popping up out of nowhere, reinforcing the idea of diversity in the fantastic music scene on offer. Zeequil, a seasoned duo who successfully combine worldly beats and trip-hop vocals to create something else altogether, is a perfect example of this.

The band, comprising of vocalist Lizzie Bradley […]

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the quiet room lp

all the frozen horses
Hidden gem The Quiet Room may very well be our answer to the trip-hop hole that Adelaide unfortunately has. Made up of vocalist Matt Cahill and producer Andrew Muecke, the duo utilise elements of dark pop, new wave, and their own little avant-garde twist, to make some chilling tunes.

They’ve recently released their […]

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a-duff single

the ghost music

If you’re not yet familiar with A-Duff  (the moniker for local beats producer Aaron Duff), it might not be a bad idea to become acquainted with his take on electronica.

The artist has recently released “The Ghost Music”, an expansive, synth-laden track that provides a perfect amount of energy for anything from cleaning the […]

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reign single

parachute dreams

Local rockers Reign have something a little special about them. The five piece have recently released a fantastic new single “Parachute Dreams” alongside a music video, filmed on site at Thebarton Theatre.

Reign describe themselves – as plain and simple as it sounds – as rock. Upon listening to “Parachute Dreams”, however, it’s easy to […]

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the violet crams ep

cram it in ya

The Violet Crams is no doubt a punk band. The trio have just released Cram It In Ya, a six track EP that gives listeners hard hitting punk from start to finish.  If it isn’t the alternative cover art that gives it away, it’s the track titles such as “Fucked in the […]

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puritan ep

self titled


Being compared to rock legends Guns ‘N’ Roses is no easy feat, but Adelaide old fashioned rock ‘n’ rollers Puritan seem to fit the vibe extremely well. The four piece have recently released their debut self-titled EP, and it’s as rich with pleasurably high vocals and Slash-styled riffs as you could imagine.

And while it’s […]

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exeter blues lp

the road and the rail

You very well may have heard of Adelaide’s cherished Exeter Hotel, and you no doubt know about blues, but have you listened to Adelaide duo Exeter Blues?

Fronted by David O’Leary, a songwriter who has written a whole bunch of records over the last 15-ish years, has paired up with […]

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