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Music is the product of an artist’s creative self. Performance, live or recorded, is the vehicle musicians use to deliver their craft. Our question is "If artists invest thousands of dollars on new instruments and years into songwriting but don't learn to manage their career, how will those instruments pay for themselves and create financial gain to sustain a music career?"

Delivered with state of the art electronic flip book technology, this Australian Music Business Management System is a comprehensive, interactive, hyper-linked, music business and artist management manual developed for independent musicians, songwriters, bands and artist managers.

The product a culmination of 16 years professional artist management, tour management, music release and event service coupled with 4 years of research and development, this Music Business Manual is like no other product on the market. If you are a self managed performing artist, aspiring or established artist manager, a musical group fed up with seeking a answers, and you aim to work hard and develop a long career in this multifaceted industry, then we have everything you need at your finger tips.

We supply Artist Management Service and Music Career Knowledge: Strengthen Business Skills and Grow Infrastructure,  Develop and Protect Your Brand, Deliver Expert Tour and Logistics Management, Build Powerful Websites and Social Media, Grow Dedicated Fan Base, Fine Tune Communication Capabilities, Professionalise Public Relations, Learn What Media Do and Don't Like, Release, Distribute and Market New Music Campaigns, Understand Copyright, Publishing and Synchronisation. And we give you 27 Ready To Use Contracts, Agreements and Useful Forms that will allow your business to deliver professional outcomes immediately.

Throughout Australian Music Business Manual, we direct our subscribers to quality businesses, organisations, government portals and information sites that we know supply amazing services, products and information that will save confusion, time and money. Lots of it!.

If you are passionate about the music industry, this is an investment you will never regret.