loren kate ep

til night meets the sun

It might just be me, but listening to this Loren Kate EP I couldn’t help getting a sense of eavesdropping, as if I was hearing a very honest conversation about feelings, family histories, love and death – and wondering if I really should be party to this level of personal detail.  […]

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william street strikers lp

nothing’s going on

William Street Strikers sounds like a comic strip from a 1960s Boys Own Magazine, but it’s really the name of a rocked up four piece Indie rock band with plenty of experience and talent behind it.

Having listened to a few of their previous releases I got the impression that their latest release “Nothing’s […]

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black coral ep

big nothing

The latest from post-punk outfit Black Coral is consistent and cohesive; the songs on Big Nothing share mostly similar grooves, complimentary instrument tones, and fuzzed out vocals that are obscured to the point that words often fall prey to texture. The impression given is of a band that has found its sound and is settling […]

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iiah ep

self titled

iiah have been kicking around the traps of Adelaide for a couple of years now and this is the first time I have come across them. I hit play on their self-titled EP, not sure what to expect. This genre of music – post progressive ambient rock – can take you anywhere, but I […]

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banjo jackson lp

self titled


Banjo Jackson has been traipsing the streets of Adelaide for quite some time now, formerly of Jimmy and The Mirrors and currently forging a great solo path on a worldwide scale.

It is easy to pick straight away – this is folk pop done at its best; there are shades of Paul Kelly as may […]

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horror my friend single

stay in
Grunge, alternative, hardcore, indie, rock. Whatever you want to call it, Horror My Friend are doing it right. The trio appear to be the go-to poster band which Adelaide music lovers reach for when bragging about our best acts – and for good reason, too. I mean, they score national airplay for just about […]

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reign ep

There is an absolutely wonderful aura that surrounds REIGN, in that they’re just so easy to love. Whether you’re a metal/hard rock lover or hater, I’ve got a pretty good feeling you’ll find a soft spot for the five piece quite easily.

They’ve just released their EP Reign, which is a perfect showcase for both the […]

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timberwolf ep

Timberwolf, or Chris Panousakis, is an upcoming indie folk artist from Adelaide. It seems in a relatively short space of time he’s built quite the swell of support behind him and after listening to his five tracks available online it’s not hard to see why. He’s garnered four star reviews of his songs from Triple […]

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bad//dreems single

hiding to nothing
Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems have released single “Hiding To Nothing”, taken from their upcoming album Dogs At Bay. You could compare this single to fishing, in that you’re the fish, and you’re definitely going to get hooked and reeled in.

Once again, the Adelaide boys deliver the sonic goods with their unique sound and fantastic […]

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luke million single

fear the night ft. jesse davidson
As soon as this track kicks in, you can instantly identify the trademark production style of Luke Million. His sound reminds me of the awesome 80s and early 90s, the time where people really started to experiment strongly with electronic instruments in-between watching He-man on TV. Luke is a Synth […]

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full tote odds lp

the chosen few
Full Tote Odds’ sophomore album begins with an intro that serves as a love letter to hip-hop, collecting samples from Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more, but the love doesn’t stop there.  It’s the through line of the record, with classic soul samples crossing big beats and added brass while MC’s […]

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juno single


Opening with the cathedral ambience of Fleet Foxes, this song by Juno drew me in with its simple arrangement of voices, finger picked guitar and sparse percussion. The narrative of a broken heart told in two voices is reminiscent of the Indigo Girls – clear harmonies and use of counterpoint (one voice singing the song […]

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paper arms lp

great mistakes


Adelaide rockers Paper Arms have emerged from the studio with their third album and it’s a heartfelt monster that combines aggression with big-time songwriting and production.

These 13 tracks are lean and focused, with only one clocking in at over four minutes, and not by much.

Opener ‘Dedication’ sets the tone with its jagged guitars, visceral […]

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max savage lp

little flame


Max Savage set aside his band “The False Idols” for a short time to record some stripped back acoustic songs with only occasional support from guitarist Lachlan Ridge on three of the eight songs. This LP “Little Flame” is the result.

This approach is brutal on songs that lack integrity or depth, as it exposes […]

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