zkye blue lp

live at mixmasters volume 1


Live at Mixmasters is the latest release from Adelaide stalwart Zkye Blue and is of the road worn and tested quality anyone who has seen Zkye Blue live would come to expect. Recently Live at Mixmasters won the album of the year at the Adelaide roots and blues awards, and I’m […]

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local revolution lp

gentle warrior
Eight piece band, Local Revolution, perform a style of music that boasts an impressive mix of Afro-Latin and Indian styles which are merged together over a jazz foundation. After two EP’s and four successful national tours, 2015 brings their first LP album, Gentle Warrior.  Bursting through in a rhythmic frenzy that inspires a level […]

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kitchen witch ep



Kitchen Witch’s debut EP Trouble opens with its self-titled track. The band encapsulates their sound instantly with the blues driven lead riff, hearty vocals and down beat centric drumming. The guitar sound is full of life while the solo adds a neat bow to the package of a strong EP opener. The following track don’t […]

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loren kate ep

til night meets the sun

It might just be me, but listening to this Loren Kate EP I couldn’t help getting a sense of eavesdropping, as if I was hearing a very honest conversation about feelings, family histories, love and death – and wondering if I really should be party to this level of personal detail.  […]

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william street strikers lp

nothing’s going on

William Street Strikers sounds like a comic strip from a 1960s Boys Own Magazine, but it’s really the name of a rocked up four piece Indie rock band with plenty of experience and talent behind it.

Having listened to a few of their previous releases I got the impression that their latest release “Nothing’s […]

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christian andrew ep

now & then


Five track EP, Now & Then is the follow up to Christian Andrew’s debut release in 2013. It showcases Andrew’s abilities as an acoustic folk artist to capitalise on the timbrel power of a small backing band without sacrificing the intimacy of the acoustic idiom.

Instrumentally everything is on point, Andrew’s intricate 12-twelve string […]

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sirins ep



Familiar Exploration, the last release from one-man downtempo machine Sirins, was a fairly mellow affair, marrying pealing bass tones with skittering percussion and a strong melodic sense over the course of four intertwined and connecting tracks. His latest release, Nimbus, is almost the diametric opposite, focusing more on structure and form. At a compact three […]

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joseph moore ep

bye ole heart

It’s pleasing to know it’s still possible to simply grab an acoustic guitar, maybe add one friend for a few extra instruments that don’t overpower the main event, and come up with a collection of songs that manage to sound not only original, but honest and endearing at the same time. For that […]

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black coral ep

big nothing

The latest from post-punk outfit Black Coral is consistent and cohesive; the songs on Big Nothing share mostly similar grooves, complimentary instrument tones, and fuzzed out vocals that are obscured to the point that words often fall prey to texture. The impression given is of a band that has found its sound and is settling […]

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scala lp

brighter than the sun

23 albums from SCALA in 25 years is a remarkable tally by itself; made more impressive by the fact they’re all compilations of various Adelaide singer songwriters and composers. Right there is an indication of how much talent there is to be found in these parts, and also how much of it […]

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surviving sharks lp

oculus magnus

Before even listening to Surviving Sharks music, I was interested in their album name Oculus Magnus, So I did a quick internet search to find it’s meaning. As far as I could establish, it means, “a great round or eye like opening” so there ya go. Lets move onto the sound shell […]

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jay power lp

the missing

Adelaide songstress Jay Power has been putting out soul-heavy albums for some years, but on The Missing it’s clear that several things have changed – not the least of which being her stage name (she was previously known as Jayne-Anne Power). However, the various successes of The Missing are no doubt in part due […]

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drown this fury single



Drown This Fury are a metal core band on the up and up. Another single was recently published on the cover of a well known magazine, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this single in the same position very soon.

Starting off with a Queens of the Stone Age type radio dial shuffle before getting […]

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california cousin ep

be the revolution

This is a strong record, well written and recorded and in their own words “jammed packed with big guitars, loud drums and soulful singing.”

Stephanie Ann has voice that sounds like it should be on the radio –  FM Country-Pop-Rock radio that plays Pat Benatar, Shania Twain and Alanis Morissette. This is Middle-American, MOR, […]

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lazyeye lp

single malt blues

Lazyeye are relatively new on the scene forming in 2013, but they certainly have hit the ground running. They released their debut album Move Me and promptly won Album of the Year at the South Australian Blues & Roots Awards followed by a slew of other awards.

Now, being a man with a fondness […]

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iiah ep

self titled

iiah have been kicking around the traps of Adelaide for a couple of years now and this is the first time I have come across them. I hit play on their self-titled EP, not sure what to expect. This genre of music – post progressive ambient rock – can take you anywhere, but I […]

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west thebarton brothel party ep

self titled


West Thebarton Brothel Party’s new self-titled EP is raw, loose, energetic fun. This is a no-frills rock ’n’ roll record that you can turn up and forget the world. The songs are unapologetically NSFW and sound like they’d pair nicely with lots of whatever you’re drinking.

One of the first things you notice about this […]

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sunny sizer lp

cold shadow


Sunny Sizer appears to be a very honest musician – seriously, go read her comprehensive biography on her website and you’ll be sure to agree. Much like her tell-all musical journey, her music highlights her transparent musical nature through easy-to-read lyrics and instrumentation that deliberately takes significant influence from commercial female pop-rock artists.

Once you […]

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jac dalton lp




American born singer Jac Dalton and his band have made their mark on the city of churches this year, scoring a spot at the Clipsal 500 concert series was no mean feat. On the back of this performance was the release of PowderKeg, Dalton’s third record under his own name. Here he presents a powerful […]

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banjo jackson lp

self titled


Banjo Jackson has been traipsing the streets of Adelaide for quite some time now, formerly of Jimmy and The Mirrors and currently forging a great solo path on a worldwide scale.

It is easy to pick straight away – this is folk pop done at its best; there are shades of Paul Kelly as may […]

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orelia ep

an imaginary life
Orelia are a fantastic two piece with piano and delightful vocals at their core, underlay by solid, dynamic drum work. The duo have been cruising around the Adelaide scene, playing – quite suitably, given their Dresden Dolls vibe they output – at cabaret and burlesque shows around South Australia. They’ve just released their […]

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favour the brave ep

self titled
At their worst Favour the Brave come out as a new millennial combination of Disturbed and Fall Out Boy, but at their best the band boasts a lot of great riffs, productions values and instrumental proficiency.

‘Don’t Know Don’t Care’ opens with ’90s commercial thrash chugging, peppered with some angular lead guitar dissonance, before flowing […]

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cozmo beregofsky lp

drunken monkey

Cozmo Beregofsky is a emcee based out of Adelaide who has been plying his trade in local scene since late 2012. ‘Drunken Monkey’ is his first full length release and he has received national radio airplay within this short period – an impressive feat!

The first thing that is apparent on first listen is the […]

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horror my friend single

stay in
Grunge, alternative, hardcore, indie, rock. Whatever you want to call it, Horror My Friend are doing it right. The trio appear to be the go-to poster band which Adelaide music lovers reach for when bragging about our best acts – and for good reason, too. I mean, they score national airplay for just about […]

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bianca jane single

forever’s just a word
Bianca Jane’s ‘Forever’s Just A Word’ endearingly starts with something reminiscent of an Atari video game sound track before kicking into the real deal riffs – and, my Lord, are there riffs. The track almost sounds like hair metal straight up but settles into something along the lines of super slick and […]

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it’s a hoax ep

only when
Five piece indie rock outfit It’s a Hoax, released their EP, Only When, in September last year. They have supported Adelaide musical royalty of the likes of Julia Henning with this material and for a good reason. The five guitar lead tracks are thoroughly engaging. Without hesitation you will find yourself immersed in a […]

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reign ep

There is an absolutely wonderful aura that surrounds REIGN, in that they’re just so easy to love. Whether you’re a metal/hard rock lover or hater, I’ve got a pretty good feeling you’ll find a soft spot for the five piece quite easily.

They’ve just released their EP Reign, which is a perfect showcase for both the […]

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timberwolf ep

Timberwolf, or Chris Panousakis, is an upcoming indie folk artist from Adelaide. It seems in a relatively short space of time he’s built quite the swell of support behind him and after listening to his five tracks available online it’s not hard to see why. He’s garnered four star reviews of his songs from Triple […]

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tom west lp

oncoming clouds
Clocking in at a brisk 26 minutes, Tom West’s Oncoming Clouds blow through and disperse before you know it, but the comparatively brief time spent in their shadow brings with it a shower of riches that cleanses the spirit and invigorates the heart.

This is a folk album writ large across the sky. Tom West’s […]

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tracy chen single

There’s been a pretty big rise in bedroom artists over the last five years, with recording equipment easier to obtain, and huge acts such as Flume and Baths influencing left-field production work. With this movement, there are some hidden treasures buried among the ever-growing Soundcloud library, and newcomer Tracy Chen has certainly given the world […]

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luke carlino single

making maps ft. joel braithwaite
I know Luke Carlino as a live solo performer who combines a sweet soulful voice with acoustic guitar and imaginative use of loop pedals to produce sparse but eloquent tunes. ‘Making Maps’ takes these ingredients and ups the ante.

Immediately bringing to mind Amnesiac era Radiohead and Think-tank by Blur (with an […]

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bad//dreems single

hiding to nothing
Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems have released single “Hiding To Nothing”, taken from their upcoming album Dogs At Bay. You could compare this single to fishing, in that you’re the fish, and you’re definitely going to get hooked and reeled in.

Once again, the Adelaide boys deliver the sonic goods with their unique sound and fantastic […]

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rapid transport ep

in transit
If Rapid Transport were a food, they would be a fast-food beef patty. That is, they have potential to be very appealing to the right person – but to a layperson, nothing really stands out. Bands such as Rapid Transport sort of exist to appeal to a certain scene, setting themselves up to invoke […]

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luke million single

fear the night ft. jesse davidson
As soon as this track kicks in, you can instantly identify the trademark production style of Luke Million. His sound reminds me of the awesome 80s and early 90s, the time where people really started to experiment strongly with electronic instruments in-between watching He-man on TV. Luke is a Synth […]

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moonfaker ep


 Moonfaker’s self-titled release opens on ‘Cut Your Hands (Get Your Teeth Dirty)’, with its strengths pointed specifically at the fill heavy drumming, breaking down into a double time high hat groove to great effect. While the mildly crunched guitar riffs are a great feature, the vocal style could be hit and miss to some, and […]

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trent worley lp

Trent Worley has a knack for a tune and a chorus. This is a solid set of songs entrenched in a tradition of Aussie rock that might be described as rootsy pub-rock. The arrangements give evidence to Trent’s roots leanings with lap-steel combining with acoustic guitar to provide an alt-country feel reminiscent of  Karma County […]

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full tote odds lp

the chosen few
Full Tote Odds’ sophomore album begins with an intro that serves as a love letter to hip-hop, collecting samples from Public Enemy, the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more, but the love doesn’t stop there.  It’s the through line of the record, with classic soul samples crossing big beats and added brass while MC’s […]

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chasing claire single



Chasing Claire is a three piece punk outfit and “Deadbeat” is the latest single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Options’. Deadbeat encapsulates a raw garage punk crunch with coarse, emotively charged vocals. Encroaching on five minutes in length, it’s long for a punk tune, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. It’s form and dynamic […]

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goldstein lp

playing dog

Considering this is Goldstein’s fifth album (already!), it’s no surprise they have developed their own sound, with very Australian themes and delivery and entertaining, relatable vignettes in the lyrics. However, with a slight line-up change, involving Robin Pratt moving from bass to lead guitar and his ex-role taken by newcomer Paul Kolomitsev, the expansion […]

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mackenzie ep

growing pains


It’s so lovely to listen to musicians who are talented in the purest form. Nothing is more of a delight to the ears than a song that flows perfectly well from start to finish. Lucky for us, Mackenzie’s Growing Pains is plentiful of these types of tracks.

The band are a piano driven indie […]

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