urtekk ep



Adelaide is full of unique music, and quartet Urtekk are living proof of this. They’ve been kicking around our city for a while, playing big shows such as WOMADelaide, PilotFest and Blenheim music festival, as well as just generally turning heads with their inimitable style of dancefloor-oriented live-electro jams.

The guys have released DM-3, a three […]

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juno single


Opening with the cathedral ambience of Fleet Foxes, this song by Juno drew me in with its simple arrangement of voices, finger picked guitar and sparse percussion. The narrative of a broken heart told in two voices is reminiscent of the Indigo Girls – clear harmonies and use of counterpoint (one voice singing the song […]

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kaurna cronin lp

glass fool


The debut album from roots singer-songwriter Kaurna Cronin announces itself with the sharp shuffle of, ‘Inside Your Town Is Inside Your Head,’ a flawless pop confection that bounces along with an airy harmony and trumpet-bolstered chorus. This album sounds like an appropriate soundtrack to a unicorn ride down a rainbow into a land of […]

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wasted wanderers ep

goddamn anything


Most followers of the Adelaide music scene would have encountered Dusty Lee at some point in their travels. For a man who is still quite young he has fronted or played in a good number of bands, but his latest line up “Wasted Wanderers” is the coalescent pinnacle of them all.

Wasted Wanderers is a […]

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skies single

call for my heart


SKIES were born incredible, I swear. Since the three piece threw themselves head-first into Adelaide’s music scene, they’ve opened for SAFIA, George Maple, and so many more amazing electronic acts.

They’ve since released “Call For My Heart”, their first single off of their four-track debut EP, and it is marvelous. The electric drums […]

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sasha march single

calling his name

Local songstress Sasha March has just released the first single from her up-coming debut album “Don’t Go Falling”. Sasha is about to head off on a 4 month long tour of Europe before touring Australia late November in conjunction with the album release.

‘Calling His Name’ has a strong folk-pop feel with a driving […]

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rule of thirds lp

rule of thirds

Adelaide sextet Rule of Thirds has delivered an album of assuredly gloomy post-punk that defies deconstruction with its unified sonic palette and effortlessly entrancing songs. The hypnotic dirge of opener, ‘Any War’, with its ambiguous relationship-as-war metaphor, gradually transports the listener to a suitably detached state in which to embrace the dark delights […]

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koral & the goodbye horses ep



There is a lot to be said for this debut EP by Koral & The Goodbye Horses, and all of it is good. Very good, in fact. This applies to not just the music itself, but the thought that has been applied to its presentation, down to the way the tracks flow into each other, by […]

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mio single

back to you


Mio is Adelaide’s answer to the best dream pop you’ve never heard of.  The duo, comprising of beatmaker (and all-around godlike musician) Mario Spate, and the elusive Annie, make incredibly crisp and addictive electronica. Luckily for us, their new single ‘Back To You’ (featuring Erik Lindestad) is no exception.

The track features that really […]

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mischief the cat ep

hanabi / starcrossing

There’s a fantastic quote that reads “music is useless unless it can make a complete stranger break down and cry” – a statement which I’ve never felt comfortable to link a music release, until now. Mischief The Cat are an underground hard rock group who pay serious homage to Japanese culture and music. […]

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pink noise generator single

don’t pretend
After forming in 2012, disbanding in 2013 and re-forming in 2014, Pink Noise Generator (PNG) have come a long way as a band and matured considerably in their songwriting and performances. Having been described as an “exceedingly polite Joy Division”, PNG’s sound is a combination of 80s new wave post-punk and 90s pop-punk, influenced […]

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paper arms lp

great mistakes


Adelaide rockers Paper Arms have emerged from the studio with their third album and it’s a heartfelt monster that combines aggression with big-time songwriting and production.

These 13 tracks are lean and focused, with only one clocking in at over four minutes, and not by much.

Opener ‘Dedication’ sets the tone with its jagged guitars, visceral […]

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oisima lp

nicaragua nights
Why beat around the bush? I’m just going to say it up front: Nicaragua Nights is amazing. It’s sonic art at its finest. The audio textures work in harmony and the songs are very well constructed. Production is 100% and I expect no less from Oisima, as the guy is a sound visionary. He […]

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horror my friend single

hanabi / starcrossing

Since forming in June 2011, local indie-noise-punkers Horror My Friend have established themselves as one of Adelaide’s most promising young bands. After a string of releases and an impressive run of support slots for bands like The Cribs (UK), Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, Swervedriver (UK), Dune Rats and British India, Horror My Friend’s […]

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world wild ep

caribbean gold
There is a lot to like here, especially if you like your dreams electric.

Rolling bass, walls of synth pads, electric hand-claps, TR-808 beats, oscillators arpeggiators and big choruses – this is the sound of 1983 synth-pop; Duran Duran, Human League, Howard Jones, maybe even Dépêche Mode (when they were fun), Tears for Fears, Pet […]

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the funkoars single

below average
The Funkoars have returned with an anthem for the disappointing, complete with sharp lyrical delivery and a sing-along chorus that proudly declares, “I am a f*ck-up, I am a letdown, I’m below average.”This is a direct track comprised of a four-beat loop, a descending melody, a straight beat, some rhymes, and an irresistible chorus […]

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grenadiers lp

A little over 4 years ago three piece rockers Grenadiers released their debut album ‘Songs The Devil Taught Us’. Since then they have rocked stages at Big Day Out, won Triple J Unearthed, and supported the likes of Everytime I Die, Kingswood, and The Smith Street Band.January saw the release of ‘Summer’, getting their heavy […]

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blush response single

your room
Released on the upcoming compilation ‘Oz Do It Better, Volume 2’ by the antipodes-appreciating French label Beko Disques, this song by Blush Response is like a time machine ride back to 1989.

Breathy vocals drenched in reverb, guitars chiming and then fuzzy and the bass driving – simple but melodic. I listened to it over and […]

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tim whitt lp

heartaches & drum breaks
Time and talent are two huge aspects of creating fantastic music. Luckily for us, Tim Whitt (aka DJ Bottlerockets) has a whole lot of both. The renowned deck spinner (and self-proclaimed serial procrastinator) has just put out his first release in over ten years, and it’s going to get you grooving.There’s a […]

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luke marshall single

heart & soul
The beautiful thing about folk music is that when it’s done right, it can cast a spell with the sparsest of ingredients…a fingerpicked guitar, a comforting voice or two, maybe a harmonica swell here and there, and you can pave a reliable road right into the listener’s soul.Such is the case here. Luke […]

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we do this ep

fault lines
We Do This have crafted an entrancing three-track EP that hovers in a space between synthpop and indie rock, creating a melancholy sound that’s still catchy and danceable. Live instruments are interwoven seamlessly with programmed beats and synths, building a soundscape for John De Michele’s longing vocals.

Especially impressive is the opener and single, ‘I’m […]

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boston april single

Boston April was set up by Kelly Breuer and Alicia Hettner, who sing very well together. The harmonies are awesome and are complemented by acoustic guitar.

‘Time’ is stripped back and easy to listen to. I have seen a lot of artists in my time who have got caught in the trap of using too many […]

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don morrison lp

don morrison’s raging thirst
Don Morrison is a legend of the Adelaide blues/folk music scene, known and loved for his work as the front man for The Bodgies, The Lonely Cosmonauts, Prawnhead and more.  If you haven’t heard of him or you don’t have any of his records there is something wrong with you, but here’s […]

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kylie brice trio single

journey to myself
I’m not sure if this is the first recording for Adelaide singer songwriter Kylie Brice, or just the first that has come my way.  Regardless, what we have is a folk pop, or perhaps acoustic pop, song which has several positive characteristics.  Not least being its combination of lyrical intelligence with a tune […]

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fergus maximus ep

songs and stories
On the 6 song EP ‘Songs And Stories’ Fergus Maximus has delivered a set that can probably best be described as charming. Recorded live at the Austral it is a raw and honest account of his song-writing. It also includes between-song banter which provides context for each song – hence the title ‘Songs […]

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camryn jordans single

the stars in your eyes
Camryn Jordans is a young songwriter, and with a list of influences such as Pink, Sia, Bruno Mars, Gabrielle Aplin, Rhianna and Ed Sheeran, there is a current familiarity in the arrangement of song.

‘The Stars In Your Eyes’ is a well-crafted story of a returning soldier reconnecting with his daughter that […]

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readymades ep

all f’d up
The ReadyMades have returned with a three-song EP of fun, danceable indie-punk-pop that’ll put a spring in your step and provide a ten-minute respite from your worldly cares.

Guitarist/vocalist Kate delivers solid howls that do her punk rock forebears proud, while Sam and Tina provide the backbone on bass and drums respectively.

First up is […]

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relying on luck single

Relying On Luck are a young Punk Rock trio who have have supported the likes of British India and Bad//Dreems in their recent history around the traps. The two and a half minutes of madness known as ‘Jawbreaker’ bursts through as the second single from their upcoming EP.

Building up to what is (by punk standards) […]

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skythief single

the whole half
Skythief’s new single is a frequently spectacular headphone odyssey: densely-composed, impeccably performed and immaculately produced.

‘The Whole Half’ sounds like if some of the more psychedelically-inclined mope-rock bands of fading recent memory had spent less time drinking and more time perfecting their craft, and then just cranked out an irresistible jam.

Vocalist Adam Barnett-Pierce takes […]

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across the atlas ep

self titled
Across the Atlas is a new 4-piece punk band who brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to this 3-track Digital EP.Comprising young guns Penny on vocals, Ben on guitar, Will on bass, and Johnny on drums, they thrash out some catchy tunes about ‘TV Killing the Radio Star’, being ‘Jaded’, and please ‘Don’t […]

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adrian lp

To say that Adrian Holmes, better known simply as Adrian, is prolific would be undermining his contribution to music. The musician has studied at the conservatorium, is a singing teacher, and is now a fully-fledged recording artist with the release of his recent album ‘dots.’.This release features more musicians than in your average football team, […]

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west thebarton brothel party single

West Thebarton Brothel Party describe themselves as a “7-Piece Garage Rock Hydra” producing “Jangly Fuzzy Garage Rock” and they are.What this description doesn’t convey is the glorious raggedness of the voice of Ray Dalfsen or the untamed hookiness of the music – that wild mercury sound.

And it sounds Australian. It’s jangly like The Sunnyboys, fuzzy […]

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thomas capogreco ep

There is no doubt that Thomas Capogreco’s Dreamers EP stretches the boundaries of what some would consider to be music. Whether or not you can find any aesthetic pleasure or purpose in the 5 tracks, each coming in at exactly 6 minutes and 33 seconds, the way in which they are created is an interesting […]

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hyrs single

inside upside down
This debut single from Holly Younger and Ross Simpson, aka Hyrs, is an indie pop gem.Reverbed guitar arpeggios and syncopated toms revolve around Younger’s perfectly breathy and detached vocal delivery, and the result is nothing short of transcendent.

While the lyrics are ambiguous, they evoke the feeling of falling in love, and they correspond […]

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the sherrahs lp

built on stone
The Sherrahs are essentially country music royalty around these parts. Inducted into the SA Country Music awards some time ago and with many accolades either side of that I knew upon getting this release in the mail that I was in for some great quality country and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.The Sherrahs first […]

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overview effect ep

With five songs over 40 minutes this was a long and daunting ride from Overview Effect. I was confused. I loved it. I was dismayed. I was ambivalent. I loved it again. And then…

Duration was a concern during the first track (Untitled) as it consisted of a sound-scape rather than a song. The hissing effects […]

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squeaker lp

in love / in madness

Adelaide’s answer to punishing but heartfelt rock and roll is undoubtedly Squeaker. The four piece band have been churning out guitar riffs and admirable vocals around Australia for the last seven years, and – as it seems – within every passing year, they’ve become more creative, tight, and generally brilliant.In Love/In […]

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thom lion ep

It’s probably unnecessary to say, but there is a lot of excellent music currently being made locally under the general umbrella of folk rock / singer-songwriter et al.  Anyone who has heard the work of Thom Lion & The Tamers will be equally unsurprised by the fact that their contribution is as good an example […]

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sun theory lp

fine dust
They used to be Cow but are now Sun Theory. Whatever the name or line-up, their third CD together shows that the band knows how to construct roots-rock of a professional and enjoyable standard, and are also well adept at the songwriter’s art. Roots-rock is still a very general term of course, and in […]

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the dunes single

when you wake up
I loved this record the same way I love good food – I may have tasted it before but if the recipe is good, the ingredients authentic and the cook is talented then it is very satisfying.It is impossible to review this song without mentioning My Bloody Valentine. All the ingredients are […]

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