elapsed time ep

squatters quarters
Adelaide Producer/MC Elapsed Time (aka Lachlan Scott Emes) has returned with this, his third EP, and it’s a triumph from start-to-finish; an action-packed one-man show that does it all with memorable rhymes, beats, and hooks.

This is textbook hip-hop, communicating its point of view with vivid storytelling, humour, and style.  You can’t help but bob, […]

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nakatomi single


Electronica masters Nakatomi are on fire right now. The artists are new on the scene, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting Fresh 92.7 airplay, headlining Futuresounds Adelaide’s Sidechain showcase, and achieving serious attention nationwide.

The duo haven’t been shy to get some incredible producers on their side, such as Adelaide’s BadCop (who produced Tkay Maidza’s […]

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the clangers ep

self titled
Now my friends this is do it yourself at it’s finest, no messing about with fancy packaging just a brown paper cardboard sleeve with hand written black sharpie writing…most things that come in brown paper bags appeal so let’s see how this goes…

Opening with Best Day of the Year the reverb-drenched home made feel […]

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the lizards lp

future life
Hard hitting 3 piece punk rockers The Lizards push forward with their third release, Future Life. Here the band fleshes out their self-described ‘thrashed out surf-punk’ with a very well produced sound. This is a form of music with much greater musicality and musicianship than the politically fuelled beginnings of punk, but with the […]

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koolta lp

hanabi / starcrossing
You may have heard the name Koolta around town. The established MC has grabbed slots from leading national festivals, played at the Clipsal 500, and has gained reputation around town for being a solid asset to Aussie hip hop.The Adelaide heavyweight has unleashed a long-awaited album RPM, a jam-packed release containing fourteen varied […]

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raygun ep

the future was yesterday
The title of this release seems to be a statement of intent and there is a lot to like about the intentions of Adelaide band, Raygun. They are immediate without being disposable; they reference a bygone era without being trite.

On first listen I could hear the gloomier side of 80s English electronic […]

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benny c & the associates lp

red dress
The debut album from Benny C & the Associates offers an impressive platter of blues, funk, and jazz, but its sonic achievements can’t overcome underwritten songs.Technically speaking, the music is faultless, with sharp performances and a polished mix courtesy of Nashville’s Andrija Tokic. Red Dress showcases fantastic instrumental work from start to finish.

Three distinct […]

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zeequil lp

It’s so wonderful to see Adelaide electronic artists continuously popping up out of nowhere, reinforcing the idea of diversity in the fantastic music scene on offer. Zeequil, a seasoned duo who successfully combine worldly beats and trip-hop vocals to create something else altogether, is a perfect example of this.

The band, comprising of vocalist Lizzie Bradley […]

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peter tilbrook lp

living in the sixties
The ‘middle period’ of classic Adelaide band the Masters Apprentices was around 1967, with hits like “Elevator Driver” and a line-up that included guitarist Peter Tilbrook. After a few years service he moved on to other projects, and nowadays works consistently with The Party Cats and The Twilight Zone, the latter featuring […]

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christian andrew single

november rain
Imagine a world in which sincerity is the new cynicism – where it is clichéd to be knowingly cool. Where it is original to be earnest and good. Christian Andrew could well provide the soundtrack to that world.

Chances are you will see Christian Andrew before you hear him. If you do then the music […]

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the quiet room lp

all the frozen horses
Hidden gem The Quiet Room may very well be our answer to the trip-hop hole that Adelaide unfortunately has. Made up of vocalist Matt Cahill and producer Andrew Muecke, the duo utilise elements of dark pop, new wave, and their own little avant-garde twist, to make some chilling tunes.

They’ve recently released their […]

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felatio hornblower single

no more
Imagine sitting in a 1950s cocktail bar sipping on a martini with live lounge music coming from a small stage. Beyond the haze of cigarette smoke, band members are dressed in full period attire. That’s what I picture when I listen to Felatio Hornblower’s debut single ”No More”, taken from their upcoming album Bonhomie. […]

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skythief single

shot me with your eyes

One of the pleasures of being a reviewer is discovering bands within Adelaide I haven’t heard of before, with this week’s act being 5 piece rockers Skythief, consisting of Adam Barnett-Pierce (Vocals), Brett Benham (Bass), Jamie Korte (Drums), Simon Andrew Aberlé & Wolfgang Haak (Guitars).The band’s new single “Shot Me With […]

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a-duff single

the ghost music

If you’re not yet familiar with A-Duff  (the moniker for local beats producer Aaron Duff), it might not be a bad idea to become acquainted with his take on electronica.

The artist has recently released “The Ghost Music”, an expansive, synth-laden track that provides a perfect amount of energy for anything from cleaning the […]

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vane of barbs ep

Yet another wintery summer day and the latest review couldn’t have been more appropriate Vane of Barbs new EP Fell. Beautifully packaged with an intriguing winter themed artwork…I had to put a jumper on.

First track “Science Without Humanity” is slightly polarising. It is easy to see where the inspiration lies and it seems to have […]

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gorilla jones lp

third in the first world
The debut album from Gorilla Jones is energetic, danceable, and irresistibly fun.  Combining soul, funk, rock, lounge, and more, this ensemble comes to party and won’t leave until your feet are sore and your spirit is replenished.

Musicianship is the key here, with all seven members and a special guest distinguishing themselves […]

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the good questions lp

light place

The arrival of Light Place by The Good Questions put a smile on my dial. I’ve long enjoyed Marta Bayly’s vocals and guitar work from her other project, Andy & Marta, and have also enjoyed Simon Frank at the various live shows I’ve seen around the traps.

Light Place didn’t disappoint. Starting off with the […]

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reign single

parachute dreams

Local rockers Reign have something a little special about them. The five piece have recently released a fantastic new single “Parachute Dreams” alongside a music video, filmed on site at Thebarton Theatre.

Reign describe themselves – as plain and simple as it sounds – as rock. Upon listening to “Parachute Dreams”, however, it’s easy to […]

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the violet crams ep

cram it in ya

The Violet Crams is no doubt a punk band. The trio have just released Cram It In Ya, a six track EP that gives listeners hard hitting punk from start to finish.  If it isn’t the alternative cover art that gives it away, it’s the track titles such as “Fucked in the […]

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jungle city lp

jungle city ii

“I think I might kill myself today just to see what happens next.” So begins Jungle City II, and while they probably won’t be providing the backing track for any Beyond Blue advertisements anytime soon, Jungle City have self-produced a fine-sounding slab of unapologetic hard rock.

“I wanna smoke inside…I wanna piss in the […]

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squeaker single


It’s a few years since I reviewed Squeaker’s “Fly Baby Fly” album, but I remember enjoying the week or so it spent on rotation in the car CD. When their new single “Circles” came up for review I was keen to hear how the band had progressed over the years, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Capturing the […]

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craig atkins lp

fall or fly


Appropriately as my pet Galah squawks madly in the backyard (‘Mr Cash’ for those playing at home), Craig Atkins’ new release Fall or Fly features a lone feather on the album cover, very striking and appropriate for the title.

Opening track ‘Open Road’ is a well suited number to start things with […]

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puritan ep

self titled


Being compared to rock legends Guns ‘N’ Roses is no easy feat, but Adelaide old fashioned rock ‘n’ rollers Puritan seem to fit the vibe extremely well. The four piece have recently released their debut self-titled EP, and it’s as rich with pleasurably high vocals and Slash-styled riffs as you could imagine.

And while it’s […]

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lost woods single

ancient psychic tandem war elephant


Five piece indie rock outfit, Lost Woods, burst onto the scene last year and have just produced their first release, the single, “Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant”. Amongst the group are some well trained musicians with backgrounds in other genres, and their experience shows, as they have already signed with a […]

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max savage lp

little flame


Max Savage set aside his band “The False Idols” for a short time to record some stripped back acoustic songs with only occasional support from guitarist Lachlan Ridge on three of the eight songs. This LP “Little Flame” is the result.

This approach is brutal on songs that lack integrity or depth, as it exposes […]

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exeter blues lp

the road and the rail

You very well may have heard of Adelaide’s cherished Exeter Hotel, and you no doubt know about blues, but have you listened to Adelaide duo Exeter Blues?

Fronted by David O’Leary, a songwriter who has written a whole bunch of records over the last 15-ish years, has paired up with […]

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buffalo boyfriend ep

in colour


Featuring memorable songs, engaging performances, and perfect production, this E.P. from folk pop duo Buffalo Boyfriend arrives with a seasoned and fully-developed sound, uncommon for a debut release.

Their soulful voices complimenting each other whether in harmony or alternate leads, Alana Jagt and Rachel Beinke amble their way through these four tracks bringing a fresh […]

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black coral single

please never

Adelaide 4 piece alt rock/indie band Black Coral are Heath Newberry (drums), Khajiho Tokunaga (bass), Ian Messenger (guitar and vocals), Alice Reid (synth), drawing collective influence from bands such as Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Dinosaur Jr. and The Smiths, to name a few.

Their 2014 single ‘Please Never’ has a distinct sound to it, whereby […]

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ben gel lp

the baddest man in shit town

As I sit at my writing desk enjoying a well deserved whiskey, I contemplate the title of my review subject, the delightfully titled ‘The Baddest Man In Shit Town’ by Ben Gel & The Boneyard Saints. I wonder what could be in store. A country and western epic? A rap […]

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big daddy’s discotheque lp

welcome to las vegas

Listening to Big Daddy’s Discotheque’s new album took me back in time to the 1980s, an era this band is clearly influenced by, and to be honest, it was a refreshing change to hear a different musical style instead of today’s electronic sounds.

The combination of instruments and synth works pretty well. My […]

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undermine single


4 piece rock outfit Undermine released their debut self-titled CD in 2012, with an impressive pedigree in production. It was recorded in Brisbane at Ultrasonic Studios, produced by Grammy nominated Brandon Friesen (Nickelback, Sum 41) and mixed in Los Angeles by Keith Armstrong (Santana, Joe Cocker, Bon Jovi).

The band released the 3rd single, “Superhero”, from […]

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thursdays friend ep

better than nothing

There must be something in the water down the South coast that produces so many rock/punk bands, with 4 piece Thursdays Friend being no exception. This hard rocking outfit comprising Dylan Jones on vocals & rhythm guitar, Luke Nanasi lead guitar & backing vocals, Jack Ryder on bass and Michael Williams smacking the […]

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strange new folk ep

self titled

If you’re a lover of Folk/Jazz music, then you’ve just got to check out these guys.

Strange New Folk are a 4-piece outfit consisting of keys, guitar, bass, and drums, and the first thing I noticed while listening to this EP was the way these guys gel together as musicians.

They create a tight sound, and […]

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louis donnarumma ep

hint of light

One of the great things about being a reviewer is discovering new talent, and when I listened to this EP, I was in for quite the pleasant surprise.

Move over John Butler Trio, Louis Donnarumma is here!

Louis is a solo artist specialising in the Folk, and wow…just wow! This guy has a gift when […]

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tim moore lp

songs for little people

These days, children’s musical interests progress straight from the preschool pop of “The Wiggles” (I’m a fan) to the Saturday morning sleazy video hits shows (I’m not a fan). Tim Moore has identified this gap in children’s musical exposure and produced an album of acoustic folk songs that will appeal to children […]

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imogen brave ep

fall or fly

Local 4 piece Imogen Brave have been rocking the Adelaide scene for a few years now, and have just released their second EP ‘Fall or Fly’. On offer is strong, tight and punchy rock, laden with chunky riffs (courtesy of Mick McClounan), and supported by a killer, driving rhythm section (Andy Cienciala on […]

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the dunes single


The Dunes have been on the Adelaide scene for a few years now, originally as a 2 piece consisting of Stacie Reeves (vocals) & Matt Reiner (guitar). Incidentally, Reiner is one of my favourite local songwriters stemming from the days of ‘The Aunt Sally’s’ through to this current project.

Since late 2011, The Dunes have expanded […]

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leser 1 ep

get that

So do you like the Prodigy? Yes? Well what if I told you that we have our very own equivalent right here in Adelaide? It’s true. Say hello to Leser 1! This guy pushes the industrial / big beat sound to whole new horizons, and uses samples, and his synth skills to a high […]

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