A-DUFF is a rising breakbeat producer from Adelaide, Australia.

Current productions range from down-tempo lounge to progressive trance to breaks. A tendency for 8 bit sounds and glitchiness seem to permeate most productions in his quest for ultimate aural lushness.

“Hard hitting kicks and pulsating basses combine with the sort of emotive chord sequences that New Order would kill to have in their setlist. The result? Uplifting, massive dance music that will get you up and moving, but also highly emotional. Which is the best kind of dancing really, isn’t it? Yet there are also chill vibes here, with incredibly intricate progra​mming, lush synths and beautiful moods.”

A-DUFF is a member of the Deep Garnet Records and Religion Breaks artist families.

Contact this artist:

Website: aduffmusic.com
Email: totheduff@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aduffmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/aduffmusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ADUFFmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/aduffmusic