Dan Thorpe is an Experimental Musician based in Adelaide. Trained as a classical pianist and composer, but secretly playing guitar and writing code in his bedroom, he makes curious, experimental and genre defying work, linked together by a love of storytelling and sense of irreverence for existing forms. His focus is always on collaborative, open approaches to composition that stress the importance of performers’ creative input in musical expression. In 2015, Dan was in residence with Ensemble Offsprings as part of their Hatched Academy programme, and COMA’s Featured Composer. Dan has performed as part of the Adelaide Festival (Pallas of Vines, 2015), Soundstream Adelaide New Music Festival 2012, Earin Festival, as well as regularly performing with his electroacoustic ensemble CrashCatalyst and flute/electronics duo Stereo//Mono. This year, he is touring the west coast of the US as a soloist and with his show personwhowatchestoomuchtelevision.