cardigan d’origin 1

After Larrold quit the instant noodle business in shame he took up a ‘guitarist in residence’ position at his local Lithuanian consulate. Asked to perform at the yearly measuring of the Ambassador’s cow-lick Drooks formed the first, short-lived incarnation of Genghis Cardigan – an alledgedly all-girl Russell Crowe tributary band known as ‘30-odd Foot of C–t’, but severe ‘tuckin’ chaffage caused a re-think. Several ‘Evidence Based Surfing’ courses later and Genghis Cardigan was tagged and released into the unsuspecting arms of lady Adelaide.

the name

See Genghis Cardigan vs Cardigan Genghis (2013) RICA 7 (April 13 2013). The case was bizarely, and inexplicably, heard in the Rhode Island Court of Appeals. Shook the unsuspecting local knitting community to it’s very soft and snuggly core. Court transcript available upon request.

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