Neo; a new or revived form of.

Fix; do the necessary work to improve or adapt something

A revival of DIY Neo Soul and R&B with a fresh side of spoken word, Catie J & Johnny write, record and produce together in Adelaide’s Western suburbs. 

Hailing from the days pre internet when recording was all double tape decks, Sanyo microphones and pop screens made out of a wire coat hanger and one of your mums’ stockings,

Neofix is founded on a strong belief that making music should be more about what you can do and less about how much money you have to spend. 

Making real, homegrown music with all the feels, their debut single Queen will have you searching for your old discman* to play all your fave 90s CDs. 

*a novel portable device first brought out in the 80s which enabled one to play your Miseducation of Lauryn Hill CD on repeat and on the go. Usually fought over by siblings during long family road trips and accompanied by adults warning you your headphone volumes were up way too high.