Phat Panda is a collective of like-minded groove enthusiasts that formed in early 2009.

Comprising of Matt Young (vocals & guitar), Brett Roman (saxophones), Shayne Tarling (bass & vocals) and Pavlo Soteriou (percussion), Phat Panda have carved their own niche in to Adelaide’s live music scene, blending funk, jazz, latin and reggae flavours in high-energy shows.

The band has enjoyed performing to audiences across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs at venues and festivals including the Civic Park Spectacular, Coopers Alive and the Adelaide Hills Jazz Festival. Their debut album ‘Paws for Reflection’ was released in April 2010 and ranked number 44 in Three D Radio’s Top 101 for that year.

As to the name, it has nothing to do with the zoo animals that are confined and not free. It has everything to do with the fun loving nature of a band that plays Phat grooves.

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