The only thing better than the ecstasy of losing yourself in the vibe is actually playing and creating the music.

Sun Shine Vibes is a 6 piece reggae band based in Adelaide, South Australia. Playing roots reggae classics by the old school legends, they also bring fresh new island reggae hits by upcoming new reggae bands that continue to champion the genre.

The current members are Ma (vocals, guitar), Mark (vocals, sax), Tonton (guitar), Phil (keys), Sista Flo (bass) and Cookie (drums). These folks are as diverse and colourful as the reggae music they bring. Ma and Cookie bring NZ reggae to the table, while Sista Flo is all about Hawaiian reggae. Mark knows his Australian and UK reggae, while Tonton has an extensive knowledge of roots, rock, reggae and dub. Phil brings it all together with his heavy influence from Jamaican classics.

All members bring something different to the mix, resulting in a well rounded repertoire that has something for every listener.

The band is barely a year old but has started gaining traction in the local music scene.

These guys are very committed to carrying the reggae torch and are very focused to provide Adelaide with more music to feel, enjoy and dance to.

One love.