The Three D Radio Top 20+1 charts have some Queens reigning supreme across the month of October! Babes Are Wolves are owning the airwaves! At the beginning of the month their single ‘Wait‘ was up top. Following their grand Prom themed launch at The Jade their super anticipated EP ‘You Only Live Twice‘ has held top possy through Oct. YOLT! Wrap your ears around YOLT ASAP because YOLO!

Jumping into second this week is Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls. Besides being in the running for best band name ever these guys have this tremendous self titled 7″ coming out this fine weekend! Friday at The Jade, with The Molting Vultures, Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys and do not miss the glory that is CRAIG DIVISION, Craig is a stalwart of the local scene. Mucho recommended.

Another fine new entry is the lead single from The Aves upcoming debut album. ‘Juan Bianco’ also being launched this fine Friday at The Grace Emily with The Systemaddicts. Can one run between both lovely venues? Lets hope!

Fun title of the week goes to Eyes More Skull Than Eyes with his live at the Sound Lounge. If you like intense one man powered drone noise then give this a listen, but man, I love his name.

Babes Are Wolves: