The SA branch of APRA AMCOS is known for hosting an excellent, down to earth Xmas / end of year celebration.

A highlight is always the announcement of the Emily Burrows Award winner, and the 2015 recipient was revealed last night at the Grace Emily Hotel event.

The Award is in honour of Gary Burrows’ (APRA AMCOS) daughter Emily, who tragically passed away in a freak accident. She had been an avid supporter of live music, and was a talented musician herself. She was also an APRA AMCOS employee and loved supporting other musicians and events in South Australia.

Each year, APRA AMCOS bestows an up and coming artist / band with $5,000 to put toward their career goals. The Award has been running for 15 years, with the 1st recipients being the Hilltop Hoods, then on the cusp of future glory.

For 2015, Paige Renee Court enjoys the honour, and she expressed her surprise and gratitude before playing a few outstanding songs live for the crowd. A young singer/songwriter with an exceptional voice and writing nous, she is definitely one to watch.

Congratulations to Paige, and to all the songwriters and APRA AMCOS members who have had a productive and creative year.


Pictured above, Paige Renee Court with Gary Burrows (left) and Matt Swayne of APRA AMCOS. Photo by Helen Page Photography.