CHECK YOUR HEAD is a panel discussion on the issues surrounding mental health in the music industry. Inspired by the current light being shed on mental health in our community, we want to steer the beacon of hope toward the music industry. The heavy responsibilities of artists, venues, promoters, festival crew, tour management etc, can result in long hours and over-looked stress, causing alcohol/drug addiction, sleep deprivation, low-pay/long-hours and the list goes on… We need to talk about it.

Discussions on where the issues lie, and how things have moved towards such over-working and under-paying work, will give our audience a clear understanding of what the issues are and how they come about. From here we can discuss solutions for ways of improvement in mental health within the industry, how we can make a shift to the current status quo – For example, state legislation changes, new venue regulations, contractual agreements for touring acts etc.

Phil Jamieson – Front man of Grinspoon
Dan Schmidt – Headspace
Tam Boakes – Jive
Sharon Robertson Psychologist
Dr George Choimes – GP

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