Ben Gel & the Boneyard Saints

Formed in Adelaide’s southern beaches in late 2013, this likely threesome, well known to each other, quickly formed an alliance which was possibly always destined to occur.

Sharing a pedigree firmly rooted in foot-stomping punk and rock, this rag-tag collective swiftly established a set of volatile fist-raising anthems capturing the attention of Australia’s toughest pub rock audiences.

Is it rock credentials you’re lookin’ for?  Try this on for size!  Featuring former (and current) members of The Gels, Muscle Car, Perdition, Meatbeaters, Dead Popes of the Vatican, Lazaro’s Dog, Subtract-S, King Krill, Tantra, Resin Tree, Vanity Cure and more, the boys boast a collective 60 years of live and tour experience.

If you’re looking for pretty, this aint the band for you.  If you’re taste is loud and explosive, genuine and intense, then strap yourself in for the ride.

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