Big Sexy

Keeping on the verge of a new threshold to the continuous bettering of his life, becoming a spear head for inspiration and reason, along with staying fully committed to forever and always remaining humble and exhibit humility, Big Sexy is far from the beginning of his dreams while on his so far extensive, lesson filled and insightful journey.

Hip Hop, RnB, Pop & Soul flow through this Indigenous singer songwriter that always compels with his soft but strong vocals. From upbeat grooves all the way through to ballads, he has got his own positive charm and persona that radiates and is infectious for his audiences and listeners.

Immersed in positivity and good throughout everyday life, he has held onto his passion for music and humanity to deliver in what he sets out to do and what he believes in. With his long awaited inception album, he has had a lot of growth take place within himself, a new and better understanding of the world and a dark veil lifted from his perception.

Seeing things clearly with an open, understanding, structured and disciplined mind, he sets out to change the awareness and minds of people for the better, one listener at a time. With a coming of new and somewhat old fundamentals and principles that seem to be lacking in this day and age which is very much a part of the Gentleman faction, Big Sexy is firmly entrenched with creating a better world and/or contributing his positivity and music to one.

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