Camira The Rapper

When he was just 9 years old, Australian born rapper Camira told his mother that one day, he would be a superstar. Fast forward 17 years, and after years of sacrifice, hard work and consistency. Camira, and his long time New York based record label the 456 Movement are pushing hard to make that a reality.

Inspired by the greats, Camira studied what it was in fact that made them as respected and appreciated as they were. Always learning the game and what made the players as successful as they were, is something that will be of benefit to Camira in his quest to greatness.

The ability to fluently switch between quick witted, punch line type songs, and songs that are very deep and heartfelt, is what makes Camira The Rapper so versatile and not as one dimensional as other artists within the scene. His style of hip-hop cannot in any way, shape or form be compared to the traditional Australian hip-hop sound that has been created over the last decade or so. Camira has a sound that is truly unique, and is definitely not something that would be expected from a small city boy.

Camira brings an aggressive, yet tongue in cheek approach to his music. Aiming to make his performances as much fun for the crowd, as they are for him. Co-Signed by some of the more reputable major record labels in the music scene, Camira and the 456 Movement remain independent by choice, while maintaining industry standard respect.

At the beginning of 2015, Camira officially launched 456 Australia. Created with the intent to be the Australian division of the 456 Movement, Camira will head the label, while continuing to work in event management and promotion, artist management and development, as well as continuing as a solo artist under the 456 Movement imprint.

With an ever growing fan base, not just in Australia, but overseas, Camira is slowly becoming a name to know.

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