Dukes of Jump

The Dukes of Jump are a four piece swing/jump band playing music in that style. Many of the songs the band plays are originals, penned by Scott Nightingale and are in the vein of the humorous tunes played way back by the likes of Louis Jordan, Bull Moose Jackson and “Big” Joe Turner.
Pushing at the edges of what is considered PC these days, this quartet, consisting of Scott Nightingale, (Vocals/Alto/Tenor Sax/Guitar). Mark “Bones” Hickey (Vocals/Harmonicas), Geoff Street (bass) Paul Simpson (Drums) offer great tunes that are sharp,and witty with, at times, somewhat risque lyrics, and all delivered in a Jump/Swing style that will keep you dancing and smiling all night and humming these tunes all the way home!! This band is a little Adelaidian musical gem!!

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