Indy is a singer-songwriter with a focus on folk-pop, who has made a name for herself performing throughout South Australia. Indy’s lyrical stories convey a new generation of artistry and her raw emotion resonates strongly with her audience. Her fearless wisdom, with sharp insights on contemporary social issues, is woven into her original songs. She draws on her unique experience and passions, and the tension between her dual country origins. Watching Indy play is enjoyable, relaxed, and engaging. With experience in a wide range of performance venues – The Gov, Festival Theatre, wineries, and many other places – Indy knows how to capture her audiences and entertain them. Indy released her first 3 track EP ‘Ferris Wheel’, in June 2018. These three songs are written with thoughts of her hometown by the beach in England and the contrast to life in Australia. Her following has been steadily increasing on various music platforms and with the sale of CDs.