Adelaide musician/songwriter/producer Jimmy Marin continues to develop his signature Acoustic Soul sound on his latest album, Along The Way. The familiar melodies, harmonies and acoustic guitars remain, but are now complimented by artful keyboard colourings, grander arrangements, and, in some cases, blazing twin guitar solos.With both a harder edge and a softer touch than debut album Something True, Along The Way further explores Marin’s diverse and often contradictory musical influences. ‘There’s elements of some old school soul on the album, as well as some Black Crowes-type rock, and real hard-hitting blues stuff. It’s difficult for me to stick with just one style, so I’ve tried to combine everything I love listening to across the whole album.’ Indeed, the album’s first single and title track, ‘Along The Way’, asks and answers the question of what The Eagles would sound like if they were formed in Detroit instead of California.

Along The Way was created in the recently completed Top Rope Studios. Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Jimmy himself. ‘I built the studio for the purpose of creating music, so the only option that I saw was to tackle everything myself; to get under the skin of my music and feel every part of it, from conception to completion.’

The album launch will be held on November 27th, at the Producer’s Bar, Grenfell Street, Adelaide, 8:00pm, $10 entry.
Marin will be backed by his new band featuring the very talented Michael Long (bass), Adrian Hurley (drums), Dan Clayton (guitar) & Aaron Nash (keys), and supported by The Kylie Brice Trio and Stan Bastiras.


Along The Way will be released on November 27th via his own independent record label, Top Rope Records. Copies will be available online through iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, or by mail order via website/Facebook.

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