JP Coe & The Delegates

Sink back in your favourite retro armchair, close your eyes and press “rewind” on cool 90s indie, like‘Ben Folds Five’, and Aussie contemporary pop band ‘The Whitlams’.

Today, Adelaide trio JP Coe & The Delegates reignite that piano pop-rock vibe.  Lead by the band’s main songwriter and pianist, Jason P Coe, the band also features the bass playing virtuoso ‘Andrew “Buck” Dick’, and the ever dapper ‘Mark Beckett’ on drum set.

Starting as a home recording project Jason continued his song writing journey using a combination of sampled and live instruments.  Released in June 2014, JP Coe’s debut 10-track album ‘Preparations’ came to the surface, and was streamed independently via  His work is described as emotive pop, made up of captivating melodies and some cleverly arranged twists and turns, sure to please the most critical music connoisseur.

So stand up, get out and be sure to experience the next thing in pop –

JP Coe & The Delegates


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