Laura Hill

“There’s a reason why Laura Hill is considered a top South Aussie act” – Music SA

“Her angelic, expressive vocals were supported by dexterous acoustic and electric guitar, while accompanying herself with percussion played with both feet. Original tunes of great quality and style” – In Daily

“… busting with feel good summer vibes.” – BSide Magazine

“There are no gimmicks attached to Hill, she is a no frills vocalist and she doesn’t need anything more than voice alone” – Vulture Magazine

“Soothing and tranquil … a great storyteller” – Glam Adelaide

“Hill greeted the audience in a conversational manner before playing her first song – unaccompanied. She pushed herself to new limits with a powerful performance, tempered by her sweet voice and masterful use of the guitar, her fingers flying over the fret board” – Glam Adelaide 2015 Fringe Review

“Exquisite” – The AU Review

“With her new EP, Powdered Sunshine, Laura Hill proves that she can tackle soulful folk without letting it melt into sugary spin … Nothing is allowed to linger too long; folk twang is offset by pop cheer or melancholy lyricism. The glimmer of tooth and claw that she bares is refreshing and exciting” – RipItUp Magazine

“With themes like love, life and travel featuring strongly in Hill’s lyrics, it’s hard not to be swept away in your mind to a calm coastal town where the sun always shines” – Arts Hub

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