Life in Letters

Life in Letters tell their storybook tales through their own version of catchy, bright, indie-folk-pop, ever so lightly draped in a cloak of darkness. 

With a broad range of musical influences between them, they have found their unique space but are forever evolving. Kristen on vocals, Elise on guitar, Phil on bass+harmonica and newcomer Jason on drums give you pop colour, rock show feelings, and folky rhythm pizazz!
“They have a knack for catchy, memorable material that deserves to be widely heard.”“It’s a good sign when the first track finishes and you think ‘let’s hear some more of this!’”-Michael Hunter, Music SA
The new 5 Track EP Silent Wars was released December 2016 and is available for streaming and download via bandcamp (
Also check our new Music Video for the single Circles and Lines set at Semaphore Foreshore Carnival on youtube (

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