Hi! I’m lonomy (he/they)! I make “SNES-Era Video Game” inspired Electro Pop music. I also make bespoke, homebrew fantasy on PATREON and ITCH.IO.

I’m an artist from regional South Australia and I’ve been making Electro Pop music for almost 8 years. I believe in music as a sustainable form of art and I make every WAV file and MP3 available for others to use and make their own music.

I’ve got several, notable, ongoing projects including: preamble.beats, in.motion, Vagrant Sun and Ellis Arbor. You can find me on twitter, twitch, instagram, youtube and more!

Inspired by: kiefer, mndsgn, shigeto. Also bands like: Silversun Pickups, Chairlift and Foals. Often listening to: Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak and Mac Miller.

“From pulling out old projects and breathing fresh life into them, to using his work as a game designer to influence his art – lonomy speaks wisdom to creatives about balancing the work/life hustle and investing in his career as a musician.”HappyMag.TV 2021

“… Working with many upcoming labels and promotion companies like True Music Ent of Atlanta Georgia! They specialise in helping upcoming and established artists grow and gain more exposure! We’re honoured to introduce to you lonomy! They’re from Adelaide- South Australia. They’ll be releasing new projects soon titled “Nexus”. He’s definitely an artist you don’t to miss! We’re honoured to be part of his journey!”Tru Music Ent. 2022

Featured on: TheMusic.com.au – Underground SA, Happy Mag Weekly, The Australian Music Scene, Variant Ventures, Dungeon Master’s Guild House and Tru Music Ent.