With hours of recording time and plenty of live shows under his belt by the ripe old age of 16 (1996). Pete has plenty of experience at your disposal.   Pete’s focus and dedication as a drummer / entertainer is highly sought-after.

Devoting most of his spare time to the Teaching / Clinic area of the job.

Pete enjoys a good challenge with teaching the young ones. He has taught kids as young as 6yo. With 3 youngsters of his own, he knows that today’s youngans are tomorrows leaders.     Pete’s teaching program is backed with an alliance between Vic Firth and himself. He teaches through a Logbook learning program “Dplate” he has personally developed so you know that you’r on the right track.

Pete’s persona is enthusiastic, positive and motivational. These qualities are fitting on a studio set or live performance.

Pete is currently recording various tracks for artist where ever they may be on the planet.  With recording know how while embracing the tech age.

His original concept on the drum kit includes rock solid timing and an exciting flair and a touch of electronics to boot.

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