Hear the howl of Pink Noise Generator the outsider dark pop outfit. Described as an “exceedingly polite Joy Division.” Instead of songs borne of sublime melancholy and a petulant urge to rebel, the Adelaide band are pensively heartbroken yet eager to please. The five piece post punk / pop outfit are hailing all that is good from the 80’s new wave post punk era and merging it with 90’s pop punk. A superb blend of punk, funk and synth with a pop sensibility!

Formed initially in 2012 by the charismatic and natural entertainer Matt Vecchio who wanted an outlet for his own music. The original band disbanded in 2013 only to resurface in 2014 with a new line up, this is the line up we are talking about.

“Our shows are about entertaining people and keeping it upbeat and fun, yet most of the songs are dark and about not fitting in, losing out in life or unrequited love. I love that juxtaposition.” – Matt Vecchio

The band are always doing exciting things with their art whether it be playing with a 8 piece drum orchestra or presenting visual shows to go with their set. A band that Prides themselves on taking risks and having fun with it.

Check out their Bandcamp page for their latest releases.

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