Stinga T

Stinga T is different, original and not like everyone else in the business. You will get to experience well written rhymes on this album, as he brilliantly showcases his phenomenal lyrical skills with unique style, grace, and wit.

While many of today’s rappers either ride on someone else’s coattails to gain unproclaimed fame, or consistently use powerhouse producers to keep heads boppin’ but still leave fans with nothing to gain from their wack lyrics, Stinga T evenly and successfully covers all bases.

Rhyme wise, Stinga T wears his emotions on his sleeve. No topic is off limits. His ability to write catchy hooks and deliver wasp-like, stinging punch lines carries him on most tracks. The gift of being able to please such a diverse range of ears, from street corner gangstas to nerdy white girls, is a rare one which he seems blessed.