The Art Acoustic

Art Acoustic

When organizing an event that requires live music, having a large live band may not be practical or cost-effective. A better alternative that is often overlooked, is a solo entertainer.

A proficient solo performer can create the perfect ambience for many and varied events. Such as background music for a simpler gathering at a restaurant, lounge bar or wedding.
To more of a show with an upbeat tempo for a canapa,
corporate function or front bar.

When choosing art acoustic rest assured you are getting the very best professional quality entertainment.

What I have put together, comprise of three, 45 minute set lists which cover the 80s, 90s and 2000s and covers bands like U2, powder finger, crowded house, placebo, counting crows and many more.
I have a competitive price which includes my own P.A. equipment, some lighting and DJ songs between my sets and my rates are negotiable.

You can book me to play at your venue or function, just by filling out booking information on the inquiry page form or, phone me direct.
Ph; 0412 789 597