The Jam, The Mix, The Gig – The JMG

In coming to terms with the effects of mental illness, people have used a range of approaches – and one of these is involvement in creative arts projects, that encourages self expression, social interaction through being part of a group activity and a sense of achievement through personal skills development and working as part of a team.

The Jam, The Mix, The Gig (The JMG) is a community based music and mental health program that offers options to participants to:

–         Just enjoy playing music with others, whatever your ability

–         Develop your skills and/or songwriting further

–         Perform to the public as part of the The JMG Band

‘THE JAM’ is a music jam session where you can share your music skills with others, try out some ideas, write some songs, or just ‘have a go’ and enjoy being part of having a good time with music. Held on 1st & 3rd Wed. the month.

‘THE MIX’ is a music skills development session and a chance to present your songs, poetry etc to the group, and to get help in developing your confidence and skills. Held on 2nd & 4thWednesday of each month.

‘THE GIG’ is a performance event to a general public audience, that will give you the opportunity to perform your work to the best of your abilities, and to receive recognition for this. Various performances throughout the year.

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