Thomas Crescitelli

Thomas received his first ‘toy’ drum kit for his second birthday and instantly took to the ‘skins’. By age four, his parents purchased an electronic drum kit and his father taught him basic beats. During this period, Thomas began listening and playing along to rock music which provided him with some early roots for future grooves and rhythms.

At age 7, Thomas began weekly drums lessons with Peter Gore from Adelaide Drum Academy where he was taught how to read, develop skills, learn new styles, and improve his drumming techniques.

Over the years, Thomas rapidly progressed to learning the styles of his favourite drummers from Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Red-Hot Chilli Peppers and by age ten completed his Grade 3 Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) Rock School Drum Exam

Recently Thomas upgraded from a second-hand acoustic drum kit to a brand-new Pearl Export Rock Series kit (which he absolutely loves). In May 2021, Thomas entered the Drum-Off Global annual international drum competition and submitted a 4-minute drum solo video, winning the Australian junior category. This propelled him onto the international stage where he was assessed against eleven other countries by a panel of world renowned drummers including Anika Niles, Chris Coleman, Thomas Haake and Carter McLean.

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Since winning the 2021 Australian junior category, Thomas was selected by Red Cymbals to be an ambassador of their products.

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Currently aged eleven, Thomas plays with maturity and poise and regularly ‘jams’ with older musicians at home and open microphone nights. Whenever an opportunity arises, he will confidently join a band on stage at a pub or concert and is becoming well known around the Adelaide music scene. Thomas has a passion and thirst to continually push himself to improve every aspect of his playing and can be regularly ‘heard’ morning and night emulating his idol, John Bonham.