Adelaide based heavy, driving and chaotic post-hardcore with elements of doom. Referred to as ‘stress rock’ by some. Brooding and bludgeoning.
Tiersman is comprised of current and previous members of Adelaide bands Bronze Chariot, The Rivalry, SXWZRD, Grenadiers, Damned Men, Donkey Kong, New Mutiny, Night Hag, MULE and Eyes Like Black Stars.
Tiersman are influenced by bands such as Breach, Pissed Jeans and Cancer Bats, whilst attempting to explore new ground and inject brutality, with a lingering tongue in cheek swagger.
Tiersman’s debut release, BIG TROUBLE was recorded live on December 2nd, 2017, Released digital only and launched on February 17th, 2018 at the Hotel Metropolitan in Adelaide. BIG TROUBLE was recorded and mixed by Justin Hermes, and Mastered by Dav Byrne.
Jono Simmons
Garrett R. Cooper
Scott Williams
Mark Dean

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