Big Egg Media

Video is the fastest way to engage audiences and deliver a promotional message on the web, and is becoming the preferred method of advertising for artists and musicians who want to succeed online.

Big Egg Media have produced professional videos for the private and education sectors, government departments, mining and medical sectors, musicians and bands, artists and individuals.

We specialise in filming and producing videos for:

– Music video clips & promotional videos

– Live music events & concerts

– Education & Training Videos (school and university)

– Corporate promotional & training videos

Big Egg Media uses broadcast-quality, high definition cameras and equipment that give crystal clear images, which is sure to turn heads and attract the attention you want.

We pay close attention to audio levels and colour, making sure that your video looks and sounds great. Our videos are ‘colour-corrected’ and ‘graded’ to enhance the video picture and help give the best look of colours on screen. We also mix and balance audio, including background music, dialogue, and location audio.

Please contact us for any pricing enquiries or view our portfolio for examples of our work.

Phone: 08 7120 9921

Shop 9 upstairs 13-23 Unley Road Parkside SA 5063

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