Carol Ng’s Music

Carol Ng, the founder of CAROL NG’S MUSIC, the recipient of “Teacher’s Award”, has been thriving at cultivating a population of music lovers for the last 19 years. Carol has established her private studio at Adelaide, South Australia with an examination-standard Yamaha grand piano. The curriculum of our programs aim at cultivating appreciative generation that life becomes much more beautiful and fulfilling with the love of music. In addition, this programme emphasizes all-round musical training which helps to edify music talent through a variety of trainings including:

Performances & Students’ Recitals,
Master Classes,
Instrument Lessons; and
Theory Study

Students are opted to attend their lessons at our studio at Kensington Gardens, Adelaide or via skype.

[MEd., BA(Hon) in Music, Piano Instructor of Hong Kong International Institute of Music , Lecturer of of Hong Kong Design Institute, Recipient of Teacher’s Award Full Member of Music Teachers Association South Australia & Senior Registered Member of Tasmania Music Teachers’ Association]

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