Custom Music Centre in the heart of Adelaide’s western suburbs has been one of the most renowned music industry businesses for over 30 years. To many South Australian musicians it has provided a range of quality services, including rehearsal room bookings, sales and hire of guitars, guitar amplifiers, PA’s and associated equipment.


Still going strong today, business proprietor Frank Portolese is proudly known for the hand-making of the Woogie amplifier. They are built from scratch using the same quality components as the brand name manufacturers, except you’re paying only a fraction of the price. Why pay more? Even better than that, Frank will build you a custom model with additional features of your choice and adjust the price accordingly.

The most common Woogie model released was the 60/100 Watt combo, which users on the website rated as high as 10 out of 10 for its reliability and a score of 9 for overall sound quality.

Typical features include dual or three channels, single input (clean/overdrive), bass, middle, treble and presence controls and a 60/100 W switch. Both guitar and bass models are available (500-600 Watts, 1000 Watts special order). Quads are custom built for you with a choice of speaker combinations.

Bands having been known for using Woogie custom amplifiers include The Mark of Cain, Kaleidoscope, Meatbeaters and the Iron Sheiks, as well as many local South Australian artists since the early 1980’s.

The humble Woogie has been a big favourite for many musicians over the years, with comments like these:
“This really is (Frank’s) passion, his ‘legacy’. Remember this; it is ‘hand-made’, not production line assembled. Someone has actually taken the time to craft every single part of this kit, so it has been constructed with care and passion.”

“I’ve had one since 1989, and it shakes my balls. The guy that invented them, Frank, is an absolute legend. Haven’t tried any of the new ones, but the old ones have a pretty awesome sound. Loud as f***!”

“The clean is good, but I think the OD sound is tops! I get a thick, creamy, sustained lead tone that puts Hendricks and Clapton (w/Cream) to mind”.


Custom Music Centre has 4 air-conditioned rooms with quality PA systems, microphones and stands. Rooms are $45 a session, day or night, 7 days a week.

Session times are as follows:

Mon – Sun:         11:00am – 5:30pm

6:30pm – 10:30pm

Guitar, bass, amplifiers and drums are available for hire for a $10 hire fee.


The hire shop has all the audio equipment you need for setting up entertainment at your venue. Custom Music offers a number of band packages to suit your performance, at a price competitive to any other hire shop in Adelaide.

BAND PACKAGE 1 – Duo or small venue:

2 Speakers (400watts), 8 channel mixer, 3 microphones, stands

$90 overnight hire

BAND PACKAGE 2 – Band, medium/large venue:

2  Speakers (1000watts), 8 channel mixer, 2 monitor wedges, 4 microphones, stands

$150 overnight hire


Custom Music is the best place for any repairs & maintenance of guitars, bass guitars, quads and amplifiers.

Frank knows guitars inside and out, and will happily provide an expert service on complete guitar setups, restoration and modifications, structural repairs to broken necks, wood stock and body.


Custom Music is an on-seller for Jade Australia, providing the retail purchase of Soundart brand PA packages, mixers, speakers and subwoofers to order. From portable to the most power stage-rig PA’s, Soundart products are designed and perfectly matched to take the stress out of your PA choice and are suitably matched to provide a balanced system for any application.

The shop floor at Custom Music holds a range of the latest Martinez, J&D Lucifers and Washburn brand acoustic/electric guitars & bass guitars, as well as essential instrument parts and accessories.

Haven’t got it in stock? Go ahead and place an order from the catalogue available in store.


Custom Music Centre
185 Henley Beach Road Torrensville
Open 7 days, Sun 11:30-2pm
(08) 8352 6648
0417 832 563

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