Recording, Producing & Mixing services.


I work out of the high quality JR Recording studio located on Light Square in Adelaide.  I have a professional and personal approach to my work.  I can record full bands and individual artists from any genre.  This can also include mixing to a final product.

Producing Services:

On top of my work as an Audio Engineer I can offer services as a Music Producer.  I can help artists with anything from creative input during the recording process, to full pre-production.  This can include breaking down the songs individually to develop and enhance the project overall and bring the most out of the artist.

I am also part of a Production Duo that offers services as Producers.

We are Electronic Music Producers, signed to American Record Label; Shift Axis.  We offer professional producing services for any artists wanting to get the most out of their music.  Whether you are a full band, electronic producer, hip-hop artist or anything in between, we can help take your music to the next level.  This can involve beat creation/production, enhancing song/musical structure or mixing your work to a professional quality.