XOF Recording Studio

XOF Studio is an audio and video production company founded by producer and creative Hugh Atkinson,
Offering recording, mixing, mastering and editing services, delivering high-end results to perfection-driven artists, musicians, and film makers alike.

With almost ten years working with music professionally, Hugh has developed a steady traction among popular South Australian bands and artists as the go to producer for South Australia in his age group. Consistently delivering solid results that became increasingly addictive to the ear, all while believing in the philosophy that every artist should sound like the super human version of themselves in an elegant & mature way through perfectionist editing and a myriad of other techniques whilst keeping true to the original idea.

Hugh offers impeccable recording services and a facility that delivers high-end creative products to perfection-driven artists, musicians, and film makers alike.
When you purchase time at XOF, you get more than some of the finest gear, vibe filled rooms, and a friendly environment while it all happens- you get someone on your side, making sure you coax out the perfect version of what was an idea or dream. Unreal levels of easily digestible conversation on method, direction and technical choices will be presented to you, all while you become immersed in your own creative zone.

I believe that I’ve developed and matured a slick, addictive yet flexible style and approach that I would like to bring to as many bands, solo artists and creative individuals as I can, at prices that easily enable you to complete this phase of your creative dream.

Situated in the heart of the peaceful Adelaide Hills on a lush 7 acres.
Private artist bedroom/gym/bathroom/shower facilities/pool use, fresh air & great food nearby.
Come and find yourself on a musical getaway.

Open to everyone.